Travelling with Children

A journey towards an interest in the world

By Alain Denjean, October 2017

At a time in which political life is dominated by subjects such as borders and separation, defence and protection, there is no great surprise in a current survey according to which the highest priority for young people at the moment is not freedom, riches or being well off but security. [more]

Travelling with Children

Sailing? Priceless! An economic adventure

By Ben Hadamovsky, October 2017

Ben Hadamovsky is a passionate sailor and is testing a new income concept because he offers his labour free of charge and then waits to see what the voyage is worth to his passengers. [more]

Travelling with Children

Travel by dictat

By Andreas Laudert, October 2017

Travel is something that can be skipped. It is not an obligation but an inner attitude, a mode which I can cultivate in everyday life as much as on holiday. [more]

Living Teachers, Travelling with Children

The storyteller of Bersive

By Reta Lüscher-Rieger, October 2017

Hameed Jirdo lives in the Bersive refugee camp in Kurdistan, northern Iraq. He works daily with traumatised children. Reta Lüscher-Rieger and Raphaela Ehmcke from the Friends of Waldorf Education spoke with him. [more]

Waldorf worldwide, Travelling with Children

Beacon in Asia. Waldorf teachers’ conference in Emeishan/China

By Petra Eimermacher, October 2017

The Asian Waldorf Teachers Conference (AWTC), being held for the seventh time, met in Emeishan/China from 28 April to 5 May 2017, one-and-a-half hours by car from the Chengdu with its millions of inhabitants, surrounded by luscious vegetation and bounded in the west by the mountains of Tibet. [more]


Who determines who we are?

By Ulrich Meier, September 2017

The broad field of femininity/masculinity offers a wealth of fluid identificational references and developmental possibilities if with humour and goodwill we allow our children’s and grandchildren’s generation to undergo the experiences they are seeking. [more]


When Caspar is really Lina

By Sven Saar, September 2017

Caspar is a happy child. He is the youngest of four siblings, born into a stable, loving family. He is healthy and loved. His parents intend to send him to a Waldorf school and live in the country. [more]

Publisher's View, Gender*

What’s your belief?

By Henning Kullak-Ublick, September 2017

My dear old aunt Ninne in Hamburg slept feet first towards the open window so that when she was called to heaven on Judgement Day she would not go head first through the window pane. [more]

Cultivating Leisure

The courage of refusal

By Albert Vinzens, August 2017

When we look at the subject of leisure activities for our children it is worthwhile occasionally reversing the parts of role model and imitator. We adults should investigate the natural play of children as it is played in indigenous cultures. We should imitate as much as possible of their way of playing. That would then have a great effect on children. Anyone who thinks that might be difficult can find help in, for example, Tom Hodgkinson – or Friedrich Schiller. [more]

Cultivating Leisure

Time – our most valuable resource

By Börries Hornemann, August 2017

We have to reinvent society. A concept of work which only encompasses earning money is a thing of the past. Digital abstinence, the experience of reality, boredom and pleasure in life are part of the work ethos of the future. [more]

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