Teaching – The Joy of Profession

To be a teacher and teaching children and youngsters is still a wonderful profession: it never gets dull or boring. But it is also a professional life under pressure. Complex demands, a high profile in professionalism, delivering sound results, yet also being attentive to the individual needs and development of the students and helping parents to understand their own child. All this demands from the teacher a multitasking talent. The teacher is constantly serving others, without time for him or herself. Working in this profession you can easily loose your balance, the balance between inner needs and demands put on you by children, their performances, the parents and the school organism as a whole. If that happens, then we grow sour in this delightful profession. This book is a guide to find that balance which means gaining access to more energy, more creativity, more joyful responsibility for the sake of healthy students and a healthy profession.

Christof Wiechert, Teaching – The Joy of Profession. An Invitation to Enhance Your (Waldorf) Interest, Verlag am Goetheanum, 184 S., Kt., m. Abb., Fr. 25 | € 18,– ISBN 978-3-7235-1473-3

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