Fiji: Learning by playing on the Fiji Islands

November 2012

In July 2010 the first Waldorf Kindergarten opened on the Fiji Islands. The children of the first group are between three and six years old and will be looked after by three experienced educators. After a lot of perseverance and patience the kindergarten is now officially established.

The first steps towards a Waldorf kindergarten on the Fiji Islands are done. Three teachers are ready to welcome the first children, even though there is still so much to do. Every last Tuesday of every month there are information events, allowing parents to learn about Waldorf education. The kindergarten teachers had previously worked in a Montessori kindergarten and through them some of the parents became aware of the new initiative. Not only the teachers but also the parents now show a lot of commitment and curiosity towards Waldorf education going beyond mere interest.

In the past, kindergartens, which are not strictly schools for small children, but rather have a different approach, have had a hard time on the Fijis. There were some teachers who first had to learn how letting children play, could be combined with an educational context. But over time the interest in alternatives to the state kindergartens has grown. The Waldorf Kindergarten therefore offers a playgroup for children, which at the same time allows parents to talk and learn about Waldorf education.

With much difficulty, the basic equipment of the kindergarten was organized. Of course, money is still missing, for example, for the playground, the renovation of the toilet or for the establishment of a library. Such things cannot be funded just from the kindergarten fees and government aid is hardly available.

Source: Friends of Waldorf Education


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