International website for language teachers

By Paulino Brener, May 2013

I recall the visit to a small conference with about thirty Spanish teachers which took place in Santa Rosa, California, in October 2008. As always, it was wonderful to meet with others, to learn from them and make new contacts. No sooner was the conference over, when I built the website “World Language Teachers In Waldorf Schools” ( Its aim was to enable the teachers to stay in contact with one another throughout the year and exchange materials, ideas and inspiration. A short time later, teachers from all over the USA were invited to participate in this website. The news spread quickly and soon language teachers from all over the world visited the site. In the meantime there are more than 1,500 registered users from all over the world with numbers still growing. 

The original aim of keeping in contact sill plays a role but the website is meanwhile also used by the teachers to ask questions about their work, make international pen friends and exchange ideas. Currently only teachers are accepted as members who are actively teaching in a Waldorf school.

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