Earth healing

By Marina N. Monteiro, November 2014

An artist, a teacher, a landscape architect, a healer, an incorrigible dreamer and visionary, a world-traveling regenerator, a craftsman who opens up blockages and brings light into matter. Johannes Matthiessen acclaims to be a little bit of all, a mixture of everything. And after reading his amazing book I could not agree more.

The author starts calling the readers’ attention to the fact that humanity has being destroying the Earth for so many years and in such a variety of ways that scientists have predicted that by 2100 the Earth’s temperature is going to be 2 to 10 degrees higher than it is today. And because of that, one third of the existing habitats will be destroyed and so the remaining glaciers.

Also, he writes a wonderful letter to all teachers and students reinforcing that “a new form of schooling will encourage students to make the transition from consumers to creators, from observer to active artist. And that is exactly what the Earth needs now, more than ever before.” J. Matthiessen believes this kind of school will become real some day and based on that belief he has started doing his part in this very much important process of evolution of mankind.

During his early professional experience as an architect, J. Matthiessen tells us that he has found out that the kind of buildings he was supposed to construct were not exactly the type of work that reflected his intentions. He started then his search (or should I say encounter?) for what would turn into his life’s mission. On his journey he has had many insights and encounters that leaded him to do and be the mixture he referred to in the beginning of this text. And working as an art at various schools and institutes he has guided many young teenagers to restore their self-confidence and innovate their actions through art in direction to Earth’s development as a whole.

After many years working as an art teacher, J. Mathiessen decided to spend the rest of his life working as an Earth healer, a freelance landscape architect and an experiential educator traveling and visiting many countries around the world, from China to the United States.

This important work that has been changing the lives of so many people and helping to save and develop our planet can be read and seen in “Healing our sacred Earth with young people around the world”, an amazing trip through the Earth, a great motivation for teachers and students who wish to discover new pathways of education and food for our souls.

Johannes Matthiesen: HEALING our SACRED EARTH with young people around the world. New social ecological artprojects, VAS Verlag für akademische Schriften, 2014, 30,00 Euro.


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