International Masters Programme in Stuttgart

By Peter Lutzker, September 2014

From 2015, an international postgraduate course in English for class and subject teachers will be offered for the first time at the Freie Hochschule Stuttgart teacher training college. This accredited MA course is financed exclusively through generous donations from a series of foundations as well as through student fees.

Campus Freie Hochschule Stuttgart

Be it in Iran or Japan, in Mexico or Kyrgyzstan, the interest in setting up Waldorf schools is growing. But the corresponding training opportunities for Waldorf teachers are missing. Waldorf education is spreading with particular speed in China; currently there are more than 35 schools there and 300 Waldorf kindergartens. Then there is the demand in Great Britain and the USA, where after the closure of Emerson College and the end to the collaboration with Plymouth University there is no comparable accredited Waldorf training.

The initiative originates with internationally active Waldorf organisations – the International Forum for Steiner/Waldorf Education (Hague Circle), the Pedagogical Section at the Goetheanum and the Friends of Waldorf Education – who consider the establishment of such a course at the Freie Hochschule Stuttgart to be an urgent matter for the international development of Waldorf education. The course offers a unique opportunity for the further development of an education whose original sources lie in a Central European humanistic educational impulse. The multicultural collaboration between students and lecturers will not only lead to an extended and deepened teacher training but beyond that will open up new and additional opportunities for international exchange and research. Since Waldorf education is one of the few progressive educational impulses to have found a worldwide response and recognition, such an intercultural model was developed here for the first time as part of a state-accredited teacher training.

The course focuses on an educational anthropology based on anthroposophy, on the inner personal development of the teacher and on training comprehensive professional skills.

In this way the students are provided with the educational foundations and skills to support and carry forward this liberal educational impulse in their schools in accordance with the traditions and living conditions of their respective countries and cultures.



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