By Justus Gilsbach, Lucas Bauer, October 2018

A nationally organised Waldorf pupil council has not existed for long when compared with the state schools. Today it is represented on all the larger bodies of the German Association of Waldorf Schools and is developing its presence on a regional level. The pupils are elected to the council for a two-year period.

On 13 April 2002 everything was in place: the WaldorfSV pupil council was established at the Rudolf Steiner school in Loheland as an organ of the German Association of Waldorf Schools and an executive council of seven members was elected.* Since its foundation, pupil conferences have regularly been held throughout Germany. There were 60 participants at the beginning, but over time the organisers were happy to register ever greater support. In April 2016 there were already 150 pupils who came, in the autumn of 2016 the number had grown to 180 and a year later the 200 barrier was passed. The 27th national pupil council conference in Mai 2018 in Überlingen on the subject “Is power human?” was attended by over 270 participants; for the first time parents and teachers were also invited.

Alongside the core project, the national pupil council conference, other projects were added over the years. In spring 2015, the first international pupil conference was held together with the Youth Section at the Goetheanum and since then has, every two years, become a firm part of the event landscape. In April 2019, the next large five-day international conference with the subject “Courage” will be held in Dornach.

Since schools policy in Germany is a matter for the Länder (federal states), WaldorfSV has also been working since the 2016/17 school year to develop regional pupil councils in every state. In February 2017, the first closed meeting of regional councils was held in Überlingen  in parallel with the German Parent Council conference. Currently WaldorfSV is preparing a congress together with the German Association of Waldorf Schools entitled “Becoming human: the development of the individuality” which will take place in Nurnberg from 28 to 30 September 2018.

WaldorfSV represents the interests of pupils at the events of the German Association of Waldorf Schools (general meetings, delegate conferences, German Parent Council conferences). The executive council of WaldorfSV meets on average twice a month. Work has intensified particularly in the public relations sphere and in developing the collaboration with other bodies of the Association of Waldorf Schools.

* Currently (April 2018) the executive council of WaldorfSV consists of Lucas Bauer (Wendelstein Free Waldorf School), Justus Gilsbach (Wuppertal Rudolf Steiner School), Antonia Taraba (Leipzig Free Waldorf School), Salomo Stainbank (Kaltenkirchen Free Waldorf School), Lea Weber (Leipzig Free Waldorf School), Vincent Eichholz (Flensburg Free Waldorf School) and Marla Hirning (Halle/Saale Free Waldorf School). In May 2018 Elisa Scheller (Bochum Rudolf Steiner School) replaced Lucas Bauer on the executive council.