The art of relationship

"It could continue like this ...". What a young Waldorf teacher wishes for the future

By Laura Frey, March 2022

Motivated by the Basel school's concept of relationship studies and as a teacher of a class 8, I planned an anthropology and relationship studies main lesson together with a midwife which I carried out in 2019. I took an in-depth look at the sex education concept of our school and then made the topic the focus of my master's thesis. In doing so, I explored the question of whether the concept commonly used in our school still adequately supports today's children and adolescents in their development fifteen years after it was devised. At the same time, a female pupil was admitted to my class who experienced herself as a boy. Supporting young pupils in the difficult process of finding their identity led to many questions and discussions with parents,... [more]

The art of relationship

Life and love. A main lesson on life and sex education

By Sven Saar, March 2022

According to Gert Biesta, all education must pursue three goals: socialisation, qualification and individuation. In every teaching unit I want to experience, as a learner, how I can better integrate into my social environment, I want to acquire new knowledge and skills and finally also get to know myself. [more]

The art of relationship

The dignity of shame

By Christian Breme, March 2022

Standing in front of a class 8, I spoke about initiation rituals among indigenous peoples: "It can be that you leave the village as a 14-year-old child, and after a few weeks of strict trials you return as a man or woman and are an adult, an adult with all the rights and duties of an adult. And with us," I continued, "there is the wonderful time of youth in between." [more]

The art of relationship

Coming out. Experiences of a Waldorf class teacher

By Irene Eickhoff, March 2022

"It's all just nonsense! You can't possible know yet what love is." I will never forget those words from my mother. Uttered in the most embarrassing moment you can imagine. [more]

The art of relationship

Relationship and sex education. An overview with a closer look at the puberty phase

By M Michael Zech, March 2022

Sex education is not a separate subject at Waldorf schools, even if special lesson sequences are as a rule repeatedly devoted to it at all age levels. Due to its complexity, it is a cross-curricular component of the overall educational mission.  [more]

Heaven & Earth

Mathematics between spiritual realm of experience and earthly application

February 2022

Stephan Sigler is a lecturer in mathematics, geography and the foundations of Waldorf education at the teacher training seminar in Kassel as well as a middle and upper school teacher at the Kassel Free Waldorf School. [more]

Heaven & Earth

Looking from heaven to earth

February 2022

The astronaut Samantha Cristoforetti in conversation with Maria A Kafitz. [more]

Heaven & Earth


By Axel Eichenberg, February 2022

The four-hammer signal sounds for the descent to level 8 at a depth of 826 metres. Three times twelve miners descend at a rate of nine metres per second. [more]

Heaven & Earth

Every movement an experience of eternity

By Albert Vinzens, February 2022

When I think back to an event in an extreme situation that changed my personal relationship with heaven and earth forever, I go back in my mind forty years to the base of the El Capitan rock face in Yosemite Valley, California. [more]

Heaven & Earth

Snow of the deep ocean

By Benedikt Heyerhoff, February 2022

The oceans are the heart of our planet, they cover more than 70 percent of its surface and represent the largest habitat on earth. Due to their size, they are the largest producers of oxygen, 50 – 70 percent of the oxygen comes from there. It is produced by phytoplankton. [more]

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