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Mission: healing education

February 2022

Karin Michael is a senior physician in the paediatric outpatient clinic at the Herdecke Community Hospital as well as a kindergarten and school doctor. We asked her how the children are doing today. [more]

Heaven & Earth

Wahat el-Bahariya – a school in the desert

By Bruno Sandkühler, Christine Arlt, February 2022

“Sabah Al-Kheer – Good morning, dear Selma! This is how the ten-year-old is greeted by her teacher Ahmed. Together with 30 other children, she is still a little tired as she sits in the classroom but she is looking forward to a varied day at school. She enjoys the music and sports lessons the most. Selma attends the SEKEM school in the rural surroundings of Cairo which has set itself the task of implementing a holistic teaching and learning concept. [more]

Heaven & Earth

“We need a complete reform of the education landscape”

By Karin Michael, Tomáš Zdražil, February 2022

Second round table on the consequences of coronavirus in Stuttgart. [more]


Commitment to freedom

By Mathias Maurer, February 2022

One can have ideas even though they do not correspond to the facts. But one can also postulate something as a fact and form false ideas about it. For example, that there is no spiritual world. [more]

Educate for peace

Is it possible to educate for peace?

By Andre Bartoniczek, December 2021

When more than 100,000 people demonstrated in front of the Pentagon in Washington on 21 October 1967 to end the Vietnam War, 17-year-old Jan Rose Kasmir stepped in front of the soldiers’ bayonets and held a flower out to them. She was photographed doing so and the picture eventually went around the world. She remembers: “It was about innocence, dreams and honesty. We were sure we were on the right path. We believed only in love and goodness on earth. We all belong to the big human family.” [more]

Educate for peace

Can religion bring about peace?

By Günther Dellbrügger, December 2021

Much strife has come into the world through religions. Can they pay off this debt in the future and contribute something substantial to peace? [more]

Living lessons, Educate for peace

Why form drawing is more than a game

By Ernst Schuberth, December 2021

Form drawing is certainly not a cure for all recognisable developmental disorders, but in an increasingly sedentary society it prevents adverse developments that can lead to serious disadvantages later in life. [more]

Living Teachers, Educate for peace

Waldorf, anthroposophy, the Greens and more

December 2021

Henning Kullak-Ublick was a Waldorf teacher in Flensburg for 26 years (1984-2010), a board member and spokesperson of the German Association of Waldorf Schools (2004-2021) and co-founder of the Green Party.  [more]

Waldorf worldwide, Educate for peace

Test of character. The Waldorf movement in Slovakia

By Slavomír Lichvár, December 2021

The first Waldorf primary school in Slovakia will be twenty years old in September 2021. It came into being in 2001 after about ten years of faculty, training and seminar work and thanks to massive support from the Netherlands. [more]

Waldorf worldwide, Educate for peace

Gaining new territory

By Matthias Niedermann, December 2021

“Learning Goal: the Capacity to Act” – impressions from a conference in Witten. [more]

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