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Free and democratic

By Henning Kullack-Ublick, April 2020

When our four children caught the measles one after the other over twenty years ago, the local doctor visited us because he had never seen a child with measles “live” before. We are among those fortunate ones whose children all recovered fully and, as we believe to have observed, went through a big developmental step as a result. For that they had to stay in bed for at least four weeks and at home for six.  [more]

Living Teachers, From image to concept

The fear in people’s eyes

April 2020

The former pupil at the Reutlingen Waldorf School, Oscar Schaible (26), works in his spare time with the organisation Sea-Watch which rescues refugees in the Mediterranean and brings them to Europe. In summer 2019, the Sea-Watch 3 skippered by Carola Rackete took 33 refugees to Lampedusa despite being forbidden to enter there. [more]

Waldorf worldwide, From image to concept

The Waldorf school requires a new spiritual impulse

By Gilad Goldshmidt, April 2020

The Waldorf school is 100 years old! We can look back in pride. But we also have to look forward with concern. Pride because we have become a true world movement and because we foster a high-quality education; concern because of the great challenges which lie ahead of us. [more]

Series, From image to concept

A Nordic trio. Walter Liebendörfer, Frans Carlgren and Bengt Ulin

By Nana Göbel, April 2020

In the early 1950s, a number of teachers joined the Kristofferskolan in Stockholm, the first and at that time only Waldorf school in Sweden, and shaped this school for decades. They stood out through their pioneering spirit, humorous earnestness and an inwardly free attitude towards anthroposophy.  [more]


Transforming materials and the maker

By Martyn Rawson, March 2020

From an evolutionary perspective tools and the social practices they were embedded in and how these responded to the environments people dwelled in, were crucial to the emergence of human societies.  [more]


Bag of lies

By Mathias Maurer, March 2020

Do you know the story of the man who gathered up all the lies and put them in a sack so that people only ever told one another the truth from then on? People’s life together became so loveless, hard and unbearable that the man quickly opened the sack and let the lies go again. [more]

Truth and Lie

Paths to experiencing truth – or the art of encountering the world and oneself

By Claus-Peter Röh, March 2020

The goal of laying down in young people the ability to distinguish between truth and untruth appears to be more contested than ever today. There is a great lack of clarity and certainty in public life as to which “facts” can still be trusted – or not. Juggling between lies and truth is commonplace. [more]

Truth and Lie

“Truth is a torch; but a huge one”. Motifs from the core zone of adolescence

By Andre Bartoniczek, March 2020

What does it mean for a young person when they learn that the captain of a rescue ship which has just rescued 53 people from the sea is described by Italy’s interior minister as a “criminal”, a German member of parliament calls her an “accomplice of people smugglers” and representatives of a German governing party refer in general to “refugee tourism”? [more]

Truth and Lie

The birth of the lie

By Marica Bodrožić, March 2020

It was early 1983. The time when the iron power structure of established authority in the socialist world began gradually to give way. [more]

Truth and Lie

A Little Apologia for Truth

By Lorenzo Ravagli, March 2020

”Assuming we want truth, why not rather untruth?” This famous question from Nietzsche resulting from too long a glance into the abyss, which looked back into the questioner, arises from the philosopher's presumption that human beings require illusions in order to master even halfway the cruelty of life with all its injustices. [more]

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