Against the Right, Editorial

Waldorf schools: no place for Nazis!

By Angelika Lonnemann, January 2023

Some people who are politically far to the right believe that Waldorf schools would be the right schools for their children. Or that they would be the right places where they could work unimpeded as people with right-wing convictions. [more]

Against the Right

It starts at home and at school. A Waldorf culture critical of racism

By Heidi Käfer, January 2023

Next to the family, school is considered the most important place where right-wing extremism can first be prevented. What does it mean to really take responsibility, where is work urgently needed, and how can we together develop a Waldorf culture that is sensitive to bias? [more]

Against the Right

Building blocks for a diverse, anti-racist Waldorf education

By Martyn Rawson, Albert Schmelzer, January 2023

How can anti-racism be anchored in the curriculum of Waldorf education so that pupils are sensitised to exclusion and defamation? In addition to generally making empathy part of education, the authors advocate, among other things, addressing racial theories that emerged in the age of the European Enlightenment. They suggest classes nine and twelve for this, when the great ideas of freedom, equality and solidarity are also addressed. [more]