Rhythm is it! Heart rhythm and health

By Christoph Hueck, April 2012

The most important educational objectives of Waldorf education, Rudolf Steiner said in 1919, were to learn to breathe correctly and to develop the right rhythm between waking and sleeping. The soul and spiritual being of the child had to be connected with the body in a healthy way and this happened in the rhythmical interchange of breathing in and breathing out, of waking and sleeping, of concentration and relaxation, of spiritual and physical activity. Because Waldorf education was intended to make the physical body a permeable tool for the individual intentions of a person in later life, into the “least possible obstacle for what the spirit intends” (Rudolf Steiner). [more]

Burnout education

By Annejet Rümke, April 2012

Burnout is a widespread modern disease. Annejet Rümke, a psychiatrist in the Netherlands, shows how the increasingly early and frequent appearance of stress symptoms in adults is closely connected with the way in which our culture treats children. [more]

Publisher's View

Brave new Ritalin world

By Henning Kullak-Ublick, April 2012

Eighty years ago Aldous Huxley published his Brave New World. The novel is about a society which has pledged itself to the ideals of peace, stability and freedom. In order to achieve these aims, embryos are physically manipulated and the children are subsequently brought up through sophisticated manipulation of their minds to become members of different castes ranging from the exclusive Alpha Plus group, who are the leaders, to Epsilon Minus, the people who do the most menial tasks.  [more]

Early childhood

Gentle wraps for children

By Elisabeth Menzel, April 2012

When little patients are ill they require gentle but at the same time effective treatment. Wraps, compresses, and massages are well suited to treating minor complaints in children. Warming ointments help for cold feet, cooling compresses are good for a fever. It is not only the preparations and methods used which have a healing effect but also the loving attention of the carer. [more]

Young writers

FRUTICULTURA. A friendship which bears fruit

By Valentin Ihßen, April 2012

In the “Discover diversity” competition of the German environmental foundation Deutsche Bundesstiftung Umwelt (DBU), the “Brasilog e.V.” association started by pupils from the Sorsum Free Waldorf School won first prize in the 17- 25 age group and “Act globally” category. The award carries prize money of 1000 euros.  [more]