Religion belongs in school

By Carlo Willmann, June 2016

To prevent fundamentalism, the subject cannot simply be ignored. Waldorf schools could lead the way in multi-religious education. [more]

What are ethics and what do they mean today?

By Marcus Andries, June 2016

Be it on the road, in politics, in journalism, in the economy or even in the courts, people seem to be increasingly talking about a loss of morals. At the same time our society is pushing for stronger ethics: there’s a demand for ethical business, management, banking... In many diverse contexts, ethics commissions are experiencing an unprecedented boom. [more]

Early childhood

Children have the right to refuse

By Renate Hölzer-Hasselberg, June 2016

Does life in a patchwork family entail new relationship and developmental experiences? Or does the new family constellation lead to a labyrinth of misunderstandings, frustration and deep hurt? Nadja Hölzer-Hasselberg regularly sees a lot of relationship misery in patchwork families in her work as a psychotherapist, arising from family members not being adequately prepared for the challenges that this entails. [more]


Do you believe in God?

By Mathias Maurer, June 2016

Sundays offer a special opportunity: a time for talking. [more]