What educates a person?

By Mathias Maurer, June 2019

The so-called digital pact to promote digital learning in German schools has been agreed. The billions are flowing. The future of education is safe. The digital classroom is intended not just to make pupils compatible with Industry 4.0 but at the same time to put an end to teacher shortages and problems with learning. [more]

“That will throw back a whole generation to the stone age”

June 2019

Children should be kept away from digital media until the age of twelve. Interview with the neurobiologist Gertraud Teuchert-Noodt.  [more]


By Peter Hensinger, June 2019

Effects of digitalisation on the education system. [more]

Publisher's View

We’re the prediction

By Henning Kullak-Ublick, June 2019

“Prediction is difficult – particularly when it involves the future.” Be it Mark Twain or someone else who said these nice words: if we ask ourselves today where we will be in a hundred years, the prediction is certainly difficult. [more]

Living lessons

Cress eurythmy

By Martin Zabel, June 2019

An experiment by a class 12 shows how the growth of cress is influenced by eurythmy. [more]

Waldorf worldwide

Eugen Kolisko, the first Waldorf school doctor

By Tomás Zdrazil, June 2019

After the unexpected departure of the class teacher Friedrich Oehlschlegel in December 1919, the school management asked the Tübingen theologian Hermann Heisler to take his place. He, too, had attended the preparatory course in the summer but was not immediately asked to join the new college of teachers. [more]


Francis Edmunds. A Waldorf pioneer in the English-speaking world

By Nana Goebel, June 2019

Francis Edmunds (1902 – 1989) grew up in Lithuania in a Russian-Jewish family and spent his adolescence and student years in England, Russia, Lebanon and Switzerland. He brought with him the intense attentiveness towards other people from the east of Europe and an incredible cosmopolitanism and breadth of interest from all the other locations. [more]


Goodbye Michael House School. The second English Waldorf school closes

By Sven Saar, June 2019

The second oldest Waldorf school in the heart of England between Derby and Nottingham will stop operating at the end of the school year. The decision, taken by the school’s trustees with a heavy heart, was notified on its website on 1 March 2019. [more]