Aspects of Waldorf Education

The child knows

By Wolfgang Saßmannshausen, November 2018

Human beings live in time. This means that the relationship with their own life changes at different times. [more]

Aspects of Waldorf Education

Teachers, do your homework

By Martin Carle, November 2018

Having worked for many years as a class teacher, school principal and trainer, I keep seeing how many colleagues and students there are who seem to have little idea whether or not Rudolf Steiner actually said anything on the subject of homework – and if so, what. And even when they were familiar with Steiner’s remarks, they clearly found it difficult to draw the conclusions that arise from them: that would have required a radical abandonment of what we have hitherto been familiar with – both in 1919 and almost 100 years later. [more]

Aspects of Waldorf Education

One step at a time. An experience report on introducing cursive handwriting

By Ludger Helming-Jacoby, November 2018

Maria-Anna Schulze Brüning and Stephan Clauss have published a heartfelt plea calling for the preservation of cursive handwriting. Their conclusion is devastating: every sixth pupil no longer has usable longhand. How, then, can children learn good handwriting and when is the right time to introduce it?  [more]