Cultural Diversity

Culture of Religions – a project for understanding

By Andrea Setzer-Blonski, April 2023

“No child is born racist”. In the village of Neve Shalom (Arabic: Wahat al-Salam) in Israel, where Jews, Muslims and Christians try to live and work together in peace and harmony, the author read this sentence on a poster. In the following article, she describes the Culture of Religions project she set up. [more]

Cultural Diversity

Rudolf Steiner and his Jewish milieu

April 2023

In his day, Rudolf Steiner moved in a widely Jewish and very cosmopolitan milieu. Professor Tomáš Zdražil, who has been working in the field of the anthropological and anthroposophical foundations of Waldorf education at the Freie Hochschule Stuttgart – Seminar for Waldorf Pedagogy since 2007, talks about Steiner's connections with Jewish contemporaries as well as his apparently contradictory anti-Semitic statements. Zdražil was born in the Czech Republic and studied history in Prague.  [more]

Cultural Diversity, Waldorf worldwide

Waldorf worldwide – where is the centre?

By Sven Saar, April 2023

Should Waldorf curricula in other countries be guided by a European ideal? Does such a thing exist at all? And what can European Waldorf schools learn from other cultures? Sven Saar, who works internationally in teacher training, looks at questions of the translation and transferability of Waldorf curricula. [more]

Cultural Diversity, Waldorf worldwide

Resilience on the edge of the city

By Heidi Käfer, April 2023

How the Waldorf school Escola de Resilência in São Paulo creates an oasis for young people from the favela and how with Steiner it emancipates itself from him is described by our reporter, who is currently in Brazil for a few months.  [more]