Taking the long view. I and community at school

By Sven Saar, December 2012

The way in which the individual and the community change from class 1 to class 12 through the individual, and the tasks of the teacher in that context, which extend as far as future biographical development, is discussed in this contribution by Sven Saar, a class teacher at the Wahlwies Free Waldorf School in Stockach. [more]

Herd or hero. Adolescents between individualisation and assimilation

By Mathias Wais, December 2012

In order to find their own individuality, adolescents have crucially to define themselves separately from their family of origin and at the same time integrate themselves into a new grouping, clique or the local scene. Individuality in the community can be successful if the initial adaptation becomes adoption – making it one’s own. That includes perceiving the otherness of the other person with interest. Mathias Wais, psychologist from the Advice Centre for Children, Adolescents and Adults in Dortmund, shows how these developmental processes take place and how adults can support them. [more]


I am communal

By Mathias Maurer, December 2012

Dear Reader, A child would be lost without community. An adult less so – or are we deluding ourselves? While the former is obvious, all adult individuals appear to want to realise themselves and their interests in life to the maximum. To that end, they use the more immediate and the wider community. Or do they need it for more? We know from childhood studies: every child can only mature to become an individual in and through the community. And what about adults? Is their development complete? By no means. The self only recognises itself in the other and is reflected in the community. What, then, is the self? A reflex of the community? A conglomerate of individual, piecemeal convictions and views of others? And does the community take on the task... [more]