What does it mean? Renewing the festivals – through understanding

By Fabrizio Venturini, January 2014

There are three elements which are central to the festivals: they stimulate community building, they have their own meaning and they have a specific outward form. The question arises today as to how the individual can contribute to organising them so that they are more than thoughtless tradition or simply an event. [more]

Life is an event. What longings does the new party culture satisfy?

By Michael Birnthaler, January 2014

In earlier times, celebrations were held when something extraordinary had been achieved, hardship and exertions overcome or a hard challenge mastered. Today it is precisely the other way round: people celebrate to create a stage on which they can prove themselves. [more]


It’s awesome

January 2014

Dear Reader, A phone call from the police: you can collect your daughter now. Why, what’s happened? In the afternoon, Maria (16) had gone to the Oktoberfest, the famous Munich beer festival, wearing her dirndl. That same evening she was discovered dead drunk behind a festival tent. The police kept her at the police station for a while longer to allow her to sober up. Her mother and father were horrified. They reproached themselves – had they been too liberal in bringing up their daughter? They asked her why she had done it. “Well, we were sort of partying. Then I went outside and just flaked out.” But why did she have to go there? “It’s such great fun with everyone. Everyone talks about it, it’s awesome.” In their mind’s eye they still see little... [more]