In the face of the angel

By Wolf-Ulrich Klünker, February 2016

Angels actually no longer appear as “angels”. Today the angel has a human face. It reflects where I am located spiritually, in my soul, in my human relationships, and in my life processes. We have come close to one another. The angel is illuminated by what radiates from me. If I do not illuminate him, he remains unrecognised. The light I make shine in him radiates back to me. I remain spiritually in the dark if I do not generate any light. [more]

Human freedom and angelic action

By Alexandra Handwerk, February 2016

What work do angels perform, when does it start and when does it end? How angels become active in our daily lives and how we can approach them is described by Alexandra Handwerk, mother of four children. [more]

The angel in the everyday work of teachers

By Sven Saar, February 2016

It is half past eight in the evening. I am sitting at my desk and begin to prepare myself for the next school day. [more]

Living lessons

Report verses. The most proper form of temptation since the existence of self-knowledge

By Till von Grotthuss, February 2016

Developing passion and enthusiasm for our own and all those other report verses, experiencing a touch of self-knowledge – how this can work and what the report verses should be like is described by Till von Grotthuss, class teacher at the Gröbenzell Rudolf Steiner School. [more]

Waldorf worldwide

Class teachers worldwide. First results of a survey

By Ricarda Kindt, Tomás Zdrazil, February 2016

The International Conference of the Waldorf movement has set itself the topic of the class teacher. Rudolf Steiner considered it particularly important that one class teacher should look after a class for as long as possible. [more]


We are angels

By Mathias Maurer, February 2016

Overheard from the kitchen: “Then we’ll take the angel’s throne and put it on earth.” – “Why? Don’t they live in heaven?” – “St George rode on a horse and that stood on the ground!” – “And what about the others?” – “They’re already on the way.” – “Oh, I see.” [more]