The teacher as temporal artist

By Christof Wiechert, February 2017

Structuring a lesson is an art. The medium with which the creative teacher has to work is time. It can be compressed and stretched, knotted and undone. The harmonious relationship between both these things is what constitutes a significant part of the art of education, says Christof Wiechert, for many years a class teacher and former head of the Pedagogical Section at the Goetheanum. [more]


By Günther Dellbrügger, February 2017

The credo of modern times is “more, bigger, faster”. This maxim for action has lost sight of the most important thing, the human being and nature. Yet resistance against such a development is stirring everywhere, be it in conscious protest or in the unconscious form of multiple disease symptoms. “Small is beautiful” has for a long time been the expression of this counter-movement. Today “Slow” stands as a symbol for a global movement which has taken hold in all fields of life. [more]

Publisher's View

Magic moments

By Henning Kullak-Ublick, February 2017

Sacred moments sometimes occur in the life of a class. They cannot be summoned, planned or, least of all, held fast, but we can hold the door open for them and be vigilant that they don’t pass by unnoticed. What constitutes such sacred moments? [more]

Early childhood

What children wish for

By Katharina Offenborn, February 2017

Christmas is coming. Every year parents, grandparents, aunts, uncles and godparents look for suitable presents. The toy industry is booming. Children are snowed under with toys and even if the pleasure is great at the beginning, many of them will soon lie abandoned – year after year – because only few toys are suitable for playing with. [more]

Living lessons

The spirit of Christmas

By Catherine Keppel, February 2017

Why A Christmas Carol in class 8? Not only can the pupils identify with the transformation of the misanthrope Scrooge from Charles Dickens’ Christmas Carol into a philanthropist but they can also learn skills which will serve them well into the future. [more]

Living Teachers

Working on tasks of humanity

By Peter Lang, February 2017

For the 100th birthday of Helmut von Kügelgen. [more]


Making a friend of time

By Mathias Maurer, February 2017

We mostly experience time as a constraint, an opponent whom we run up against each day: getting up, breakfast, to work, school or kindergarten, shopping, lunch, doctor’s appointment, treatment, hobby, evening meal, house work ...  [more]