The look that forgives

By Mathias Maurer, February 2018

“Give her a hug. You mustn’t pull Annie’s hair.” The annoyed mother puts the struggling three-year-old in his cot. “Now say sorry!” [more]

Waldorf worldwide

Ελευθερια σ’αγαπω

By Kyra Karastogiou, Stephan Beck, February 2018

The first Greek Waldorf school has opened in Athens. [more]

Living Teachers

Benjamin Büche and his angel

By Johannes Greiner, February 2018

Benjamin Büche triggered an avalanche as he was skiing down the Mittagskogel which carried him 700 metres down a rocky mountainside. [more]

Early childhood

Children’s drawings. A window to the world of life forces

By Raphaela Tampe, February 2018

Children’s drawings tell the story of how children unconsciously move into their body. In drawing, the small child expresses a feeling of those forces which are active in forming the body in the first seven years. Rudolf Steiner calls these biological growth forces life or etheric forces. They build, form and penetrate the physical body and the drawings of the small child are an expression of these forces. [more]

A complicated matter

By Andreas Laudert, February 2018

Only the individual can forgive. It is something that touches on and is needed by the spiritual. In forgiving, I grow beyond myself and open myself to the future. [more]

There’s nothing to forgive

By Alexandra Handwerk, February 2018

Assigning fault in everyday life is misplaced. [more]

Not pardoning – understanding one another

By Mariana Kretschmer, February 2018

Leonard has torn off the headscarf off a fellow pupil. It gave her a shock because wearing a headscarf is important to her and she does not want to show her hair openly. Leonard had just had an argument with his teacher. [more]