Naked and ethical. Everything that’s wrong with our clothing

By Klaus Rohrbach, December 2018

Every person has basic physical, emotional and spiritual needs. Physical needs include clothing – it should keep us warm, protect us and, as an add-on to cater for our feelings, have an aesthetic design. We also experience it as an expression of our individuality. It is nevertheless the case that much in its production continues to be ethically, socially and ecologically questionable. [more]

Everyone wears what they’ve made with great pride

December 2018

Interview with Bettina Pamp-Mügge, master seamstress in the management team of the Hibernia School’s custom tailoring department where, uniquely in the Waldorf landscape, a dual vocational and general education qualification is offered. [more]

Publisher's View

Attitude – unfaked

By Henning Kullak-Ublick, December 2018

A few weeks ago I visited the director of our Waldorf100 films in California and experienced the deep shame of many Americans about their president. [more]

Waldorf worldwide

No Waldorfwashing at Wasatch

By Heidrun Kubiessa, December 2018

The Salt Lake City Waldorf Charter School is looking for the common roots of humanity. In this search it draws on the myths and sagas from a great variety of cultures and the expanses of the landscape. [more]

Waldorf worldwide

A tripping stone for the Cohns

By Olivia Girard, December 2018

As part of their history classes and biography work, the pupils of class 8b of the Kreuzberg Free Waldorf School in Berlin looked at the biography of a Jewish married couple. Their goal was to place a tripping stone in the street on which their school is located.* [more]

Young writers

We are not robots

By Emily Rose, December 2018

What makes autistic people different and why a little understanding could help a lot. [more]


Cursive handwriting belongs in class 1

By Susanne Mai, December 2018

A response to the article “One step at a time. An experience report on introducing cursive handwriting” by Ludger Helming-Jacoby, Erziehungskunst 11/2018. [more]


Looking away

By Mathias Maurer, December 2018

Nothing but these shoes, nothing but this brand, nothing but this model! Nothing but these trousers, nothing but this top, nothing but this jacket! [more]


Movement: Your child’s First Language

By Jill Taplin, December 2018

I am pleased to be able to review another book from by Sally Goddard Blythe. Her previous publications, such as What Babies and Children Really Need and The Well Balanced Child, have proved informative and helpful to parents, carers and teachers trying to create a supportive environment for the young child. [more]