Early childhood

Highly sensitive children

By Dörthe Huth, June 2014

Almost one fifth of all people are highly sensitive. Highly sensitive people display special abilities and needs as early as childhood. In living and working with them, it is therefore important to leave behind any fixed ideas about learning and social coexistence. Dörthe Huth, psychological consultant and supervisor, describes this new phenomenon. [more]

Early childhood

No fear of playing doctors and nurses. How small children discover gender

By Elke Rüpke, May 2014

Much of the psychosexual development of small children takes place out of sight and can only be read in a fragmentary way in outer behaviours. Playing “doctors and nurses” arises from the basic need of children to familiarise themselves with the world and is not by any means an indication of the premature sexualisation of the child. [more]

Early childhood

Education through attachment. Childhood studies affirm Waldorf education

By Philipp Gelitz, April 2014

Attachment research knows about the conditions required for a healthy, secure attachment between parents, educators and children. Children must be acknowledged, seen and heard. In other words, we have to live “in community” with our children instead of teaching them lessons about life. [more]

Early childhood

Do crèches cause aggression?

By Claudia Grah-Wittich, March 2014

Children cared for in crèches suffer from massive stress claims Rainer Böhm, head of the Social Education Centre in Bethel. The rise in the “stress hormone cortisol” corresponded to the levels in highly stressed top managers.  [more]

Early childhood

Pre-school education

By Philipp Gelitz, January 2014

Before the years of schooling start, it is young children’s physical development which requires all their strength. Education has to take account of that. [more]

Early childhood

What children need for healthy development

November 2013

Peter Lang has been director of the Waldorf Kindergarten Seminar in Stuttgart for over 20 years and for a long time was a board member of the International Association of Waldorf Kindergartens. He works as a lecturer and tutor at various kindergarten seminars in Germany and abroad. He is currently a board member of the “Vereinigung der Waldorf-Kindertageseinrichtungen Baden-Württemberg e.V.” and edits the series Recht auf Kindheit – ein Menschenrecht (Right to childhood – a human right). [more]

Early childhood

“Are we nearly there yet?”. Travelling with (small) children

By Genn Kameda, August 2013

Many parents know that travelling to the tropics with small children can be difficult – quit apart from the financial cost. Accordingly, the most popular holiday destinations for families continue to be Germany, Austria, Spain, Italy and Turkey. There are nevertheless quite a number of questions which a family has to take into account when going away with small children. [more]

Early childhood

First-aid kit for children

By Natascha Hövener, August 2013

Marie gets hurt playing on the beach, Jannis falls off his bike, Paul suddenly develops a fever – even on holiday health and illness are often not far apart in children. That is why it is worthwhile putting together a first-aid kit to be able to give rapid assistance for minor illnesses and small accidents. Nevertheless, if the complaints are more serious and persistent, the advice of a doctor should be sought even when away from home. [more]

Early childhood

Pulling together. Work with parents in the Waldorf kindergarten

By Barbara Leineweber, July 2013

When we think of “work with parents” in the Waldorf kindergarten, we think of parents’ evenings, gardening campaigns and lists with washing schedules, baking cakes, appeals for donations and calls for various activities – but that is undoubtedly the least of it. Work with parents means providing an introduction to Waldorf education and helping in all family-related questions. [more]

Early childhood

Before the concept we need conception. Against intellectualising early childhood

By Philipp Gelitz, June 2013

A social disease is increasingly gaining ground: the desperate need to keep explaining things. High time to look at the issue in greater detail and to show how dangerous it is for children at the age before they start school. [more]

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