Support mania

By Mathias Maurer, July 2018

No question: of course we want to help and support every child. It is our firm belief that every child can do it! And if a child cannot yet do something, then we will help them with all the educational expertise at our disposal to reveal their still hidden skills. [more]


Bee sting

By Mathias Maurer, June 2018

Lena runs barefoot through the meadow. A scream. Her face contorted with pain, she limps into the house on one leg. A bee sting. [more]


Lord of the elements

By Mathias Maurer, May 2018

In measuring ourselves against the elements, we have our most deeply engrained experiences. [more]


An overdue change in direction?

By Mathias Maurer, April 2018

Waldorf Schools are facing a challenge to their educational policy in terms of both their artistic and practical crafts teaching. Klaus-Peter Freitag, executive director of the German Association of Waldorf Schools, provided the impetus for one of the thematic focal points of this issue in preparation for a congress.  [more]


The look that forgives

By Mathias Maurer, February 2018

“Give her a hug. You mustn’t pull Annie’s hair.” The annoyed mother puts the struggling three-year-old in his cot. “Now say sorry!” [more]


Hello fear

By Mathias Maurer, January 2018

Fear and anxiety mean inner constriction. This feeling occurs in certain situations but can also set in without an outer cause. [more]


Welcome to Waldorf

By Mathias Maurer, November 2017

Once again almost 7,000 pupils are joining a class 1 in a Waldorf school. And their parents are looking expectantly to their future with many questions. How will my child develop? Will they learn? With what qualifications will they leave school? Was the decision to send them to a Waldorf school the correct one?  [more]


Itchy feet for home

By Mathias Maurer, October 2017

We’re sitting on our suitcases. The flight is delayed. A mass of people is passing through the terminals and security. The children watch the crowds. [more]


Sex ≠ Gender

By Mathias Maurer, September 2017

I had my first gender experience at the swimming pool. [more]


At leisure

By Mathias Maurer, August 2017

Nowadays we immediately think of idleness, inaction, loafing about and shirking. [more]

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