Against the tide

By Mathias Maurer, November 2015

The crisis has arrived. Daniel, Waldorf school, class 8, thinks that his performance is not at the level of his pals in the state school: “They’re much further! They get marks and know exactly where they are. And why on earth do we need eurythmy for the final exams?” [more]


What am I, a farmer?

By Mathias Maurer, October 2015

Waldorf means getting your hands dirty. That starts as early as messing about in kindergarten, continues in school in gardening and reaches its climax in the farm work placement in upper school – and then you end up as a biodynamic farmer? [more]


Hush little baby

By Mathias Maurer, September 2015

Julian wanders bored into the living room. He is in combative form or, let us say, in the mood for a good debate. He notices a book called Healing Education. [more]


Flywheel of the soul

By Mathias Maurer, September 2015

Fieldwork: I ask little Eva what her favourite season is.  [more]


Great heights and depths

By Mathias Maurer, July 2015

A strenuous hike in the Alps. We take a break. I sit with a few friends in front of the mountain hut. We have an overwhelming view of the snow-covered peaks. “That’s awesome,” comments Roger, “like sleeping giants.” [more]


It’s me

By Mathias Maurer, June 2015

The telephone rings. Normally I don’t even bother to answer calls which show the caller as anonymous. “Hello, it’s me,” a female voice says. “Who is speaking, please,” I say, a bit irritated. The voice tells me nothing.  [more]


Progressive role

By Mathias Maurer, May 2015

Anyone who has anything to do with children can confirm that girls are different – their demeanour is different, they play quite differently to boys. But is that really an innate way of behaving or is it our pre-emancipated observation which sees these differences? [more]


Peace is hard work

By Mathias Maurer, April 2015

“Why are there still wars?” Pascal suddenly asks at breakfast. I almost choke on my cereal. For a moment I do not know what to say. [more]


Appealing freedom?

By Mathias Maurer, March 2015

What would education be without freedom – and without trust in the future? For all our forecasting we are no clairvoyants, for it lies in the nature of human freedom that people act unpredictably. If everything went to plan we would not develop and nothing new would ever enter the world. [more]


Love is

By Mathias Maurer, February 2015

“What a stupid idea!” Everyone has heard those words or a variation on them, or has used them themselves: teachers, parents, young people ... For someone else’s ideas can really be quite annoying. [more]

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