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Iona sees you

By Renatus Derbidge, September 2021

The small island of Iona in the west of Scotland still lies in Europe and yet it is a completely different world. Although we can get almost anywhere quickly today, you still have to “journey” to Iona. [more]

Holidays & Travel

Travel lessons

By Bruno Sandkühler, September 2021

The War was over, four years of lockdown! No, no, in 1945, when people still spoke German and corona was only known from Latin lessons. But we were locked up for four years and I was fourteen and wanted to get out. For five years I had appeased my thirst for travel with bicycle tours but after graduating from school I ran out of patience. [more]

Holidays & Travel

Cuba – outward and inward

By Johannes F. Brakel, September 2021

“What a beautiful country! Last week we were in Varadero with its miles of white beach, raked clean and lined with coconut palms; with crystal clear, turquoise blue, warm water in which we had a wonderful swim – and everything was very calm and peaceful!” Mr Meyer and his wife from Paderborn are thrilled with their holiday in Cuba. [more]

Holidays & Travel

Are you a Muslim?

By Christine Gruwez, September 2021

No sooner had I arrived with my Iranian travel companion in the pilgrimage city of Mashad, in the very north-east of Iran on the border with Turkmenistan, than we were already on our way to the shrine. That was in 2001. [more]

Holidays & Travel

Two students in Egypt

By Bruno Sandkühler, September 2021

My friend Carl-Ernst brings a flyer: “Denizyolları, Turkish Maritime Lines – Barcelona-Genoa-Alexandria”. Deck passage with student discount 120 marks return. [more]

50 years Friends of Waldorf Education

Dear Friends of Waldorf Education

By Henning Kullak-Ublick, September 2021

Schools and kindergartens for all are cultural achievements of modern times. It was not until 1948 and 29 years after the founding of the first Waldorf school that the Universal Declaration of Human Rights declared that the right of every child to a school education was a fundamental right across the world.  [more]

50 years Friends of Waldorf Education

Friends of Waldorf Education – 50 years supporting the future

By Nana Göbel, September 2021

In the 1970s, Waldorf pupils in West Germany – in 1975 there were just 40 Waldorf schools in Germany and only 27 of them had an upper school – felt the need to participate in the great challenges of the time.  [more]

50 years Friends of Waldorf Education

Tree of life and the crown

By Vivían Piña, September 2021

In San Miguel de Allende, in the heart of Mexico, there is a school community that looks like many people’s dream – Árbol de Vida, a “Waldorf” community. Like for everyone in the world, the year 2020 brought us the “crown” and also the necessary armour to face an unexpected and unknown future. [more]

50 years Friends of Waldorf Education

Worse than in the war

By Ani Barsegyan, September 2021

The kindergarten in Yerevan survived the years 1992 to 1995. These were very difficult, “dark and cold” for Armenia. But the impasse we reached last year was an unprecedented challenge. Despite the war in the early 1990s, parents brought their children to the kindergarten and tried to help us. Now, because of the COVID-19 pandemic, we were forced to close the kindergarten from time to time. In this difficult year 2020, the Friends of Waldorf Education stood by us. Our kindergarten has never been a for-profit enterprise and the fees we take for children have always just covered the monthly expenses. But last year, difficulties began that hardly anyone could have foreseen. For a long time we could not work at all because of the COVID restrictions,... [more]

50 years Friends of Waldorf Education

Thanks from Russia and greetings from Kenya

By Irina Ogorodova, Victor Mwai Wahome, September 2021

Greetings from the Periodic Seminar and the East African Association of Waldorf/Steiner Schools. [more]

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