Sources of health

What is good medicine?

May 2021

Interview with Prof Dr Giovanni Maio. He is a doctor and philosopher and holds the chair of medical ethics at the Albert Ludwig University in Freiburg. In his writings he advocates a system of medicine that listens, and criticises the increasing economisation of health care. [more]

Sources of health

Learning health

By Karin Michael, May 2021

It was the old people who touched me during my nursing training. Their glances from the windows across to the schoolyard, their quiet joy when they watched the goings-on of the schoolchildren from a distance, and their knowing, deep understanding that they showed towards the young, nascent life. [more]

Living Teachers, Sources of health

Refusing military service in Israel

May 2021

The Israeli Waldorf teacher Gilad Goldshmidt in conversation with Hallel Rabin. Hallel (19) grew up in the anthroposophical Kibbutz Harduf in Israel and attended kindergarten and Waldorf school there. The day before the interview, she received the news that the army was releasing her from prison after 56 days. [more]

Waldorf worldwide, Sources of health

Emergency education deployment in the Caribbean

By Thomas Wildgruber, May 2021

The people on the island of Providencia were warned. They were told to stay indoors. Two weeks earlier, hurricane Eta had already swept across the Caribbean. But what happened on the night of 15 to 16 November went beyond anything the islanders had experienced. [more]

Waldorf worldwide, Sources of health

Together for the environment. Potsdam and Zanzibar prepare for the hot season

By Catharina Engelke, Maria-Sibylla Hesse, May 2021

Brandenburg sand here, tropical downpours there: in the new hot season, we have to learn to deal with climatic changes in Germany as in Zanzibar. The social impacts must also be considered, up to and including health protection and food security. [more]

Series, Sources of health

Calm in the maelstrom

By Susanne Speckenbach, May 2021

Many feet scuffling, many hands rustling, many mouths chattering – there is always something going on in a class. So how can the children learn anything at all? We need quiet and activity. The class teacher, with their close connection to the pupils, has a number of things they can do. [more]

Social Work

The time of social work at Waldorf schools has come. From the initial idea to daily practice

By Fridtjof Meyer-Radkau, April 2021

In the last three years, there has been a growing interest in social work at Waldorf schools. The first request to present my work in a lecture came from Bremen at the beginning of 2018. Since then, I have given many lectures at other Waldorf schools and have been able to introduce the work of a Waldorf school social worker to school faculties, pupil bodies and parents. [more]

Social Work

Waldorf school social work. Recommendations and insights

By Fridtjof Meyer-Radkau, April 2021

I am often asked what a Waldorf school should consider if it wants to implement social work successfully. As a basis for implementation, on the one hand the teaching staff must develop an understanding of what Waldorf school social work entails. On the other hand, professional concept work is indispensable. First of all, the inventory and needs assessment should be done by a delegated working group. [more]

Social Work

No blame approach

By Muriel Singer, April 2021

Dealing with bullying without apportioning blame. [more]

Social Work

Charting the inner landscape. How a surveying field trip can help us to grow socially

April 2021

Christian Boettger in conversation with Ivonne Krüger (social worker) Volker Altmann (class guardian) and Freia Arncken (pupil) at the Schopfheim Free Waldorf School. [more]

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