Waldorf worldwide, Self-administration at Waldorf schools

What to do in the face of this unbelievable aggression?

By Cornelie Unger-Leistner, June 2022

Around 5,000 Waldorf upper school pupils in digital conversation with experts on the war in Ukraine. [more]

Waldorf & Science

Calm down! Interview with Harald Lesch

May 2022

Harald Lesch, born 1960, professor of astronomy and astrophysics at Ludwig Maximilian University Munich, lecturer in natural philosophy at the Munich School of Philosophy. TV presenter for programmes such as "alpha Centauri", "Leschs Kosmos" or the Youtube channel "Terra X Lesch & Co". Knowledge transfer and education are particularly important to him. Since 2018, he has been patron of the Weimar Children's University. [more]

Waldorf & Science

Anthroposophy under fire

By Jost Schieren, May 2022

One feature that is characteristic of coronavirus and its time is the fissures, rifts and divisions that run through the various groups in society.  [more]

Waldorf & Science

Hunger for anthroposophy?

May 2022

The relationship between Rudolf Steiner's views and today's dominant forms of educational and scientific thinking. Questions for Wolfgang Müller, journalist with NDR for many years and author of »Zumutung Anthroposophie«. [more]

Ecology & Sustainability

Education for Sustainable Development (ESD) – an assessment of the current situation

By Gunter Keller, April 2022

How can we empower our children and ourselves to live a sustainable life? [more]

Ecology & Sustainability, Waldorf worldwide

"Green Future" at the Trier Waldorf School

By Mario Gilcher, Christoph Hartmann, April 2022

When we met for the first time in the summer of 2020, the drive to do something was great. Under the motto "climate-neutral Waldorf schools now", representatives of parents, teachers and pupils discussed numerous ideas with the initiators of CO2ero on how we can reduce the ecological footprint of the daycare and school community as much as possible. The insulation of the buildings was examined with a critical eye, mobility behaviour (modal split) was discussed, and the aging combined heat and power plant also came up for discussion.  [more]

Ecology & Sustainability, Spotlight

Questions on the current situation of Waldorf schools

April 2022

We asked Nele Auschra and Hans Hutzel, members of the executive council of the German Association of Waldorf Schools. [more]

Ecology & Sustainability, Living lessons

In the footsteps of the "Der Blaue Reiter" group of artists

By Brigitte Kaiser, Georg Schumann, March 2022

As a special feature at the Daglfinger Waldorf School there is a "Blaue Reiter" main lesson for our two class 7s right at the beginning of the school year. We start the colourful autumn with a trip to the artist towns of Kochel and Murnau. After an introduction in the school, we then walk locally in the footsteps of the artists of the "Blaue Reiter", we sketch in nature and paint indoors in the evening. Immediately after the trip, the classroom becomes a studio and the pupils spend two days painting a large-scale oil painting. A visit to the Lenbach House rounds off this main lesson. [more]

The art of relationship

"It could continue like this ...". What a young Waldorf teacher wishes for the future

By Laura Frey, March 2022

Motivated by the Basel school's concept of relationship studies and as a teacher of a class 8, I planned an anthropology and relationship studies main lesson together with a midwife which I carried out in 2019. I took an in-depth look at the sex education concept of our school and then made the topic the focus of my master's thesis. In doing so, I explored the question of whether the concept commonly used in our school still adequately supports today's children and adolescents in their development fifteen years after it was devised. At the same time, a female pupil was admitted to my class who experienced herself as a boy. Supporting young pupils in the difficult process of finding their identity led to many questions and discussions with parents,... [more]

The art of relationship

Life and love. A main lesson on life and sex education

By Sven Saar, March 2022

According to Gert Biesta, all education must pursue three goals: socialisation, qualification and individuation. In every teaching unit I want to experience, as a learner, how I can better integrate into my social environment, I want to acquire new knowledge and skills and finally also get to know myself. [more]

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