Spotlight, Rhythm of life

I in the digital sphere?

By Salvatore Lavecchia, July 2021

I encounter a fellow human being. I perceive them as an other, a foreign self, but also equally as a being endowed with a self as much I am. This elementary perception of the foreign I happens instantly and goes beyond gestures, sounds, words, images and thoughts. Without this happening, an encounter would not be human in the true sense of the word. [more]

Series, Rhythm of life

Confronting the capacity for polarisation. The courage for transformation in middle school

By Claus-Peter Röh, July 2021

When young people in middle school break free from the “gold background” of childhood and undergo strong transformations in their soul, they also challenge their teachers to transform themselves. The unfolding of the personal feeling life in the transition to adolescence also includes the increasing ability to polarise. [more]

Column, Rhythm of life

A revolutionary heart

By Mathias Maurer, July 2021

Henning Köhler died on Thursday, 8 April 2021. Since October 2009, he delivered his succinct and trenchant texts for the “Kolumne K” column month after month – which annoyed some readers and were missed by others when he had to take a few months off due to illness. [more]

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A riddle

By Ute Hallaschka, July 2021

Those who are interested in anthroposophy can seek out two sources. Rudolf Steiner’s texts are one and anthroposophists are the other. This balances out in reality, although they are two fundamentally different ways of accessing information. [more]

Media, Rhythm of life

Stuttgart pioneers

By Christof Wiechert, July 2021

To say it from the outset: this work is based on a deeply and thoroughly researched and understood remembrance in the spirit. And it has another a special merit. [more]


Relationships above subjects. New forms of cooperation

By Christian Boettger, June 2021

This article draws on experiences of the first lockdown and shows a possible form of cooperation between teaching staff that has already been successfully implemented in several schools. [more]


There is no one single formula. Team-teaching at the Michaeli School Cologne

June 2021

The educational concept of the Michaeli School in Cologne was still something unique in the year 2000. At that time, only very few Waldorf schools shared the goal of being a diverse school open to all children – both with and without disabilities. “Each class typically has 25 children, including four to six children with special needs, taught by two class teachers,” the concept states. [more]


Creating new opportunities through self-organisation in the team

By Michael Harslem, June 2021

Experiences from the Waldorf School in Brixen/South Tyrol. [more]


A global team

By Guido Ostermai, June 2021

A main lesson on globalisation – a look at the world and its interconnections. [more]

Publisher's View, Teamwork

Making peace

By Nele Auschra, June 2021

“Making peace with nature” – with these four weighty words, UNEP, the United Nations Environment Programme, provided a clear direction in mid-February towards the necessary and unavoidable steps required to ensure that we have a viable future.­ [more]

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