Adolescence – Know yourself!

A committed affair with here and now – young people and teaching

By Wilfried Sommer, October 2020

Under the title “Is school too stupid for our children?” the publisher and education expert of the Frankfurter Allgemeine Zeitung newspaper, Jürgen Kaube, published a number of provocative hypotheses in June 2019. [more]

Adolescence – Know yourself!

The future lies in the hands of young people

By Constanza Kaliks, October 2020

That being young should be the subject of an academic discipline, an independent field of learning and research, was comprehensible only to a few people at the beginning when Rudolf Steiner brought the “Section for the Spiritual Striving of Youth” into being as a department of the School of Spiritual Science at the Goetheanum in Dornach. [more]

Adolescence – Know yourself!

The initiation of young people. A little known task in Rudolf Steiner’s art of education

By Valentin Wember, October 2020

The night from 10 to 11 January 1881 was a bitterly cold Vienna winter’s night. Rudolf Steiner remained up late, sat in his room, reflected on a number of philosophical questions and then turned back to a concern which had occupied him for the whole of his life: self-knowledge and self-experience. He had read the following in the philosopher Schelling: “In all of us there is a secret, wonderful ability to withdraw from the change of time into our innermost (...) self and there (...) look at the eternal in us.” [more]

Adolescence – Know yourself!

Know yourself – the point of the humanities

By Andre Bartoniczek, October 2020

“Know yourself” – with these words at the entrance of the Temple of Apollo the people were welcomed who came to Delphi to find answers to their existential questions from the Oracle: how can we live in harmony with one another? Should war be waged? Is now the right time for sowing? Should I marry this woman? [more]

Hand, Craft & Art

Wood, metal and stone

By Stephan Elbracht, September 2020

Wood, metal and stone not only require different tools but also quite different skills and states of mind. Humans and trees are connected through the breathing – their breathing corresponds with ours. But what the trees bequeath us, what they gift us and what we take from them is the hard, bony frame. [more]

Hand, Craft & Art

The art in practical work. Handwork lessons in Waldorf school

By Anette Sigler, September 2020

For those unfamiliar with Waldorf education, it possesses some strange features and handwork lessons are considered by some to be among them. Even the name alone! Where similar lessons exist in mainstream schools, they are mostly called “textile design” which somehow sounds more modern and demanding. But this fails to refer to the development and cultivation of manual dexterity which is intended with the handwork lessons at Waldorf schools. Furthermore, in “handwork” the latter half of the word reminds us of the perseverance which is required when workpieces are produced over the course of a whole school year. [more]

Hand, Craft & Art

Art education – a workshop report from upper school

By Henning Hauke, September 2020

Generally speaking, art is not compatible with industrial reproduction in the art lessons of the Waldorf school. The question is whether technically reproduced media – such as for example photography or video – can’t nevertheless be used creatively in school. [more]

Hand, Craft & Art

Why look at art?

By Gabriele Hiller, September 2020

Art appreciation as a field of experience in upper school work. [more]

Highly gifted

High-flyers also need flying lessons. The potential and problems of highly gifted children

By Birgit Wegerich-Bauer, August 2020

High-flyers, nerds, misfits ... the list of names which highly gifted children are called is a long one. In early childhood they can easily be identified as high-flyers. But often they are thwarted in their urge to try things out and think them through. Subsequently when they start school, full of anticipation, they are brought to a halt again because then these children are told: wait! [more]

Highly gifted

When children are mind readers

August 2020

Interview with the development mentor Michael Harslem. [more]

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