Whither Waldorf?

“Is it art, or can it go?”

By Siegmund Baldszun, November 2019

It is becoming ever clearer that what Rudolf Steiner provided to Waldorf teachers 100 years ago will only slowly take on its true meaning as an educational tool in the twenty-first century. [more]

Whither Waldorf?

Waldorf upper school 2.0

By Maria-Sibylla Hesse, November 2019

How can Waldorf education be improved in the twenty-first century? How can we do justice to today’s young people and prepare them for living conditions over the coming 30 or 60 years that are still virtually inconceivable for us? Possible approaches include the equal exchange of knowledge, an understanding that we are all learners, and project-based teaching. [more]

Whither Waldorf?

More art, more nature and also more home

November 2019

Interview with Siegmund Baldszun (teacher), Stefan Neuburger (parent), Sarah Jeuken (pupil) and Beate Kötter-Hahn (public relations) about the future of the Uhlandshöhe Waldorf School. [more]

Whither Waldorf?

Where does the path lead?

By Claus-Peter Röh, November 2019

Encounters with colleges of teachers and the first international events for Waldorf 100 show a clear thread running through them: the Waldorf school movement is still very young. [more]

Whither Waldorf?

Pure abundance

By Florian Osswald, November 2019

What is of interest to us is reality. Kindergarten and school – they are children, teachers and parents. These are human beings who have decided to live a life on earth. [more]

Whither Waldorf?

The intelligence is at stake

By Nana Göbel, November 2019

We live in absurd times today. Truth and falsehood, health and illness, good and evil are becoming mixed up. These absurd times are also exciting as everyone has to decide either to remain in sleep mode as consumers or to wake up. The latter requires perspectives both to be actively involved and to recognise the approaching challenges. How can be obtain such perspectives? [more]

Whither Waldorf?

Learning from the earth

By Peter Guttenhöfer, November 2019

The forces of the personality develop in interaction with the earth. Today’s civilisational processes prevent such a development. What therapy would be required? [more]

Whither Waldorf?

Teachers for the future

By Johannes Kiersch, November 2019

The story was often told at the Stuttgart mother school that Rudolf Steiner – not without a touch of self-criticism – had let himself be carried away to say: “If I could start again from scratch, I would change tack completely towards the artistic.”  [more]

Whither Waldorf?

Waldorf: a home

By Sophia Meiners, November 2019

Extracts from the speech of Sophia Meiners, pupil in class 12 of the Nuremberg Rudolf Steiner School, at the festive ceremony of the Bavarian Waldorf schools for Waldorf 100 in Nuremberg on 23 March. [more]

Whither Waldorf?

Research project: the world in 2030

By Andrea de la Cruz Barral, November 2019

What would the world look like in 2030 if what lives in me were to become reality? What can I do to make it happen? These questions provide the focus of the current research project of the Youth Section at the Goetheanum. [more]

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