Everyone can resolve conflicts

By Armen Tõugu, April 2015

What can I do so that I am not just as the mercy of crises and conflicts? From a spiritual perspective, anthroposophy offers concrete help which can provide not just precise concepts and diagnoses but also the key to solving problems. [more]

The longing behind the quarrel

By Angelika Ludwig-Huber, April 2015

There are collisions everywhere where people come together. Social life is not idle harmony. Why should this be different among pupils from adults? The crucial thing is not to suppress conflict but to use it as an opportunity. [more]

Taking an interest – the bridge between parents and teachers

By Christof Wiechert, April 2015

Christof Wiechert, for many years head of the Pedagogical Section at the Goetheanum in Dornach, gives some practical suggestions for structuring a relationship which is not without its tensions. [more]

When teachers disagree

By Michael Harslem, April 2015

Free Waldorf schools – seen from the outside – often appear to be an “idyllic world”. Many teachers and, above all, parents are all the more surprised when they experience conflicts in schools which are not dealt with or resolved. [more]

Publisher's View

Who owns the world?

By Henning Kullak-Ublick, April 2015

A Jew arrives at the gates of heaven, is admitted by St Peter and given a guided tour of heaven. St Peter stops in front of a high wall and indicates to Samuel to keep very quiet. “Why?”, the latter asks in a whisper. Says St Peter: “The Christians are behind this wall and they think they are the only ones here!” [more]

Early childhood

Knots and buds

By Werner Kuhfuss, April 2015

Children develop in quite different ways: some do so with great personal and social difficulties, as if a knot were being tied and untied, others such that delicate changes over time appear like the organic opening of a bud. [more]

Waldorf worldwide

School social work at the Berner Oberland Rudolf Steiner School

By Rebecca Romano, Verena Gantner, April 2015

School is a place to communicate values and form protective layers. Their tasks keep growing. Teachers alone are hardly able to manage them any longer. The Berner Oberland Rudolf Steiner School took action and has integrated school social work as a firm part of school life. [more]

Young writers

Come to help

By Sebastian Puschner, April 2015

Mpho Sengane grew up in a South African children’s home and kept running away to beg on the streets. Today he works as a volunteer in a Waldorf day care centre in Karlsruhe. [more]


Peace is hard work

By Mathias Maurer, April 2015

“Why are there still wars?” Pascal suddenly asks at breakfast. I almost choke on my cereal. For a moment I do not know what to say. [more]