I and not-I. Understanding, pre-empting and treating addictive behaviour

By Michaela Glöckler, April 2016

Addiction and dependency are indications of a search – a longing for identity, for a “true experience of ourselves”, for “feeling good”. Preventing addiction thus has as its goal: strengthening the personality, supporting the healthy development of our identity. [more]

Early childhood

Children need role models

By Werner Kuhfuss, April 2016

Werner Kuhfuss calls for the development of archetypes in kindergarten, the creation of a real theatre of life with mothers and fathers, grandmothers and grandfathers, farmers, blacksmiths and artists. The author is not interested in entrenching stereotypes but primarily seeks to strengthen the masculine element in education. [more]

Living lessons

Bringing about peace through foreign language learning

By Erhard Hofmann, April 2016

Foreign language teaching – particularly in times of increasing insecurity through “foreign” influences – is of great social policy importance. In the optimum circumstances it can be a form of peace education. [more]

Living Teachers

The absolute freedom of paper and paintbrush

April 2016

A visit to Arno Stern, the inventor of painting play. [more]


Who seeks, finds

By Mathias Maurer, April 2016

Alcohol, drugs, the Internet and sex are its most prominent representatives. Less sensationally, there are computers, gambling or nicotine. In contrast, consumerism, caffeine, television and obsessive accumulation lead a veritable life in the shadows. [more]