At your service!?

By Mathias Maurer, April 2017

I’ve always only really wanted to do what I want, but now I’ve got a spanner in the works: kids who always seem to get in the way. [more]


Removing the stain of esotericism

By Leonhard Weiss, April 2017

With meanwhile more than a thousand schools, Waldorf education can now be counted as one of the most successful movements within the context of so-called progressive education. Despite this fact it remained ignored by academic education studies for decades. [more]

Living lessons

What does mathematics have to do with chickens?

By Katrin Gerboth, April 2017

The biodynamic farm Gärtnerhof Callenberg in Coburg has recently undergone expansion, giving it more space for chickens. After the first batch of eggs hatched, and while the chicks wait to find a comfortable home, the class 5 at the Coburg Rudolf Steiner School took on the responsibility of planning a coop for them.  [more]

Living lessons

Repair, don’t throw away

By Walter Kraus, April 2017

Pupils at the Schwabing Rudolf Steiner School in Munich are learning how to repair things – with support from volunteer instructors – as well as the principles of sustainable management. [more]

Publisher's View

It’s down to all of us

By Henning Kullak-Ublick, April 2017

There are going to be elections all over Europe in 2017, and not everyone is worried about that. [more]

Corporate ladder or mud slide. How children change your life

By Alexandra Handwerk, April 2017

What happens when children get mixed up in your career, when your carefully planned life gives way to a life full of surprises, when travelling by plane and taxi slowly gives way to walking, when mistakes become something out of which you can profit, and mud and rain become something to savour? [more]

What Willi taught me

By Birte Müller, April 2017

Children aren’t simply projects, where with careful planning everything will run according to plan. Children also aren’t there for us but are there simply for themselves. We can learn from them and enjoy being with them. [more]

To hell with the demands

April 2017

Why parents can end up being their own worst enemies: the Danish family therapist Jesper Juul, founder and director of the Kempler Institute and author of numerous handbooks on parenting, tackles this issue. [more]