Trust – the miracle of being human

By Henning Kullak-Ublick, February 2019

Trust is perhaps the most important condition to find our bearing in the world at all. That applies with regard to children but also our everyday practical life – and it does so to a far greater extent than its opposite, control. How else is it possible to move through traffic with millions of cars? What does this sibling of love, which can only be given as a gift but not demanded, mean for the growing child? [more]

Religiosity in education?

By Stefan Grosse, February 2019

Religious matters have for a considerable period of time been treated as private matters because they are reduced to the content of the confession and belief of the individual person. Religious matters are thus relocated into the private sphere like our taste in music or culinary preferences and they are thus increasingly denied any culturally relevant meaning in society. Such a reduction reflects an understanding of religiosity which is much too narrow in its frame of reference. [more]

Trust in the school organism

By Christof Wiechert, February 2019

“Trust” comes at the very top of those subjects which people do not like to touch on and discuss. So many improper demands are made that it almost appears more desirable to work without trust in the college of teachers. Acting only out of the organisational structure, on the basis of a defined task list and in accordance with controlled agreements is the alternative. We meanwhile know that this doesn’t work either. It appears that people do indeed want to trust someone and something. [more]


Education to freedom in digital change

By Robin Schmidt, February 2019

We live today not just in a world of digital devices, we also increasingly live in a digital world. This world is more and more experienced as actual primary life in contrast to our urban or natural environment. [more]


Dare to trust

By Mathias Maurer, February 2019

Trust is a gift of love. If it is not given unconditionally, there is no love, no trust. It is nothing less than educational betrayal to say: “You first have to earn my trust.” Trust is not something that can be traded! [more]


Why can’t you just sit still?

By Maria Lyons, February 2019

Most parents at some point in their child’s life have given in to sheer frustration and cried out ‘Why can’t you just sit still?’ This is the question van Dort addresses in her short guide to movement and play in child development.  [more]