From Bach to Bach’s sons – in the stream of the generations

By René Walter, August 2021

It is a fascinating family history that is in preparation over nine generations before Johann Sebastian Bach sees the light of day in 1685. Widely branched town musicians, watchmen, organists and cantors preceded him in Thuringia. A family line of skilled and certified craftsmen of the musical arts can be traced back almost 300 years before a defining individuality writes musical history out of it. [more]


Young and old in the art of education or how do we keep each other in line?

By Christof Wiechert, August 2021

Every now and then we encounter the question as to the “giants” of Waldorf education who are no longer supposed to exist. The question always affects us a little awkwardly: in which direction do you look when the question is asked? [more]


Biographical connections

By Stefan Grosse, August 2021

The best way to investigate it is through our own biography: if you look back at a period of your life a little more thoroughly and try to classify events, you will usually have the feeling that things fit together, that it is coherent and makes sense, that there is an “Ariadne’s thread” running through life. Biographies are complex works of art structured in multiple internal relationships. They have a theme, a motif and a goal. The least part of them is subject to a purely biological causality and biographies are certainly not sequences of random events. [more]


In the beginning is the path

By Albert Schmelzer, August 2021

The word initiation contains the Latin “initio”, which means “beginning”; initiation refers to the ability to enter into the magic of the beginning, to learn something new and anew. In this sense, Waldorf teacher training can be understood as an initiatory process. [more]

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Intense topics!?

By Hans Hutzel, August 2021

There is currently a lot of tension in the air. More than usual. How do we experience it and deal with it in a constructive way? [more]

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More calm in the classroom

By Rosemarie Szemkus, August 2021

Children who come to my practice for art and rota therapy with restlessness, attention, concentration and hyperactivity disorders also show certain physical symptoms in addition to these conspicuous features. [more]

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Small but epoch-making

By Luise Alf, August 2021

The Lækjarbotna Waldorf School in Iceland says goodbye to the stroke of the timetable. [more]

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The technological Sphinx

By Andreas Luckner, August 2021

There are enviable strokes of luck in publishing: the comprehensive and very readable book by the Stuttgart media teacher Edwin Hübner – Menschlicher Geist und Künstliche Intelligenz. Die Entwicklung des Humanen inmitten einer digitalen Welt (Stuttgart 2020) – was published just in time for the outbreak of the pandemic, even though it is the fruit of decades of reflection. [more]

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A look into the mobile classroom

By Iris Taggert, August 2021

Since the “mobile classroom” was developed at the Bochum-Langendreer Waldorf School about 20 years ago, many Waldorf schools have taken up this form of teaching and implemented it in their own way. Thus you can now find the typical benches and seat cushions in many classes 1 and 2 nationwide. [more]