Highly gifted

High-flyers also need flying lessons. The potential and problems of highly gifted children

By Birgit Wegerich-Bauer, August 2020

High-flyers, nerds, misfits ... the list of names which highly gifted children are called is a long one. In early childhood they can easily be identified as high-flyers. But often they are thwarted in their urge to try things out and think them through. Subsequently when they start school, full of anticipation, they are brought to a halt again because then these children are told: wait! [more]

Highly gifted

When children are mind readers

August 2020

Interview with the development mentor Michael Harslem. [more]

Highly gifted

Highly sensitive adolescents in psychotherapeutic practice

By Julia Lichte, August 2020

Julia Lichte is a body therapist using depth psychology (HAKOMI®) and trauma therapist in Lübeck. She has many years of experience accompanying highly sensitive people. [more]