The only real challenge is doing something for other people

March 2016

Hans Hutzel from the Emil Molt Academy in Berlin and Peter Schneider from Alanus University in Alfter report on how job and school, learning and working in a business can be integrated. [more]

Creating prospects in Namibia

By Erich Kunderer, Christian Bosse, March 2016

In Namibia more than a third of school leavers become unemployed. In order not to abandon them in this situation, the Windhoek Waldorf School has since 2013 offered its pupils vocational training alongside the general schooling. As a result its graduates obtain a dual qualification. It means that on successful completion they can choose either to go to university or move directly into a job or attend further training.  [more]

Publisher's View

Honey of freedom

By Henning Kullak-Ublick, March 2016

2015 was a year of upheavals. [more]

Early childhood

Therapy with stories. How to wean children off pilfering things

By Sebastian Jüngel, March 2016

Billy is a bright child. Recently things have started disappearing when he is around. Once, when Billy was ill, that stopped again. It quickly becomes clear that Billy steals. What to do? The admonition that stealing is bad has no effect. And yet this obvious step is not completely wrong. It just depends on the nature of the admonition. [more]

Living lessons

Reflections. Invitation on a journey of discovery in the curriculum of the Waldorf schools

By Christian Boettger, March 2016

The curriculum of the Waldorf schools goes back to suggestions from Rudolf Steiner. In the course of the decades it has been considerably extended and adapted to the current requirements. It is a composition which is attuned to the anthropological and developmental psychological needs of children and young people. Like in a musical score we can identify the developmental arcs, reflections, recapitulations and variations. [more]

Living Teachers

Johannes Matthiessen – artist of the earth. An obituary

By Christof Wiechert, March 2016

Johannes Matthiessen was an artist through and through. He studied architecture, taught art in Waldorf schools, was a visual artist, social artist and an artist of the earth – but above all he was a person who lived and worked with incredible intensity. [more]


No fear

By Mathias Maurer, March 2016

It is still dark outside. The stove is roaring nicely, it is cosily warm, the table is laid and we are eating breakfast. [more]