I spy with my inner eye

By Alexandra Handwerk, January 2019

Do you know the following joke among anthroposophists? What was Rudolf Steiner’s favourite game? Answer: I spy with my inner eye! Steiner was clairvoyant. To a high degree. And he gave a lot of instructions about a meditative life. Whole books of them. [more]

Why Waldorf teachers meditate

By Claus-Peter Röh, January 2019

The question as to the different quality of the two meditations for Waldorf school and preschool teachers is inextricably associated with the question of the identity and intentionality of this profession. Both of them were created in the historical situation of the founding of the first Waldorf school. Both bear the core aspiration of this educational movement within them. [more]

Waldorf worldwide

Kings Langley – the end of a British Waldorf school

By Sven Saar, January 2019

One of the oldest and biggest British Steiner Waldorf schools, Kings Langley, a school steeped in tradition located north of London, was forced to close its doors in July 2018. Over 350 pupils and their parents, as well as more than 40 teachers were suddenly faced with the end. Some moved, others had to give up their dream of an alternative school career. How could such a thing happen? [more]


1968: impulses and consequences

By Christoph Strawe, January 2019

It is fifty years since the 1968 movement: in the retrospectives which can be found to celebrate this anniversary in the various media the assessments are highly controversial. If some see it as the great emancipatory start into a better world, others speak at the extreme end of the spectrum of the uprising of unworldly and mislead “do-gooders” – with a socially destructive effect which has lasted to the present day. [more]


Transhumanism – the end of the human being?

By Mathias Maurer, January 2019

An unusual conference took place at the Goetheanum from 7-9 September: a cultural conference on the subject of the transhumanist vision of the future. Unusual not just because of the location where it was held, but also because speakers spoke about this highly relevant subject whose fields of work could not be more different. [more]


Not for egotists

By Mathias Maurer, January 2019

Rudolf Steiner referred to many ways of meditative practice that are true to life. But he also stressed: do not take any step in obtaining knowledge of hidden truths without taking three steps in improving your character for the better. [more]