Real life to the full

By Mathias Maurer, April 2020

We learn in images. It’s just that we’ve forgotten it. While the exact lexical concept encapsulates the point, an image requires context. If you say: “I’ve no idea what that means,” then the link to the concrete concept is missing. When you say: “I cannot picture that,” then the concrete connection with the whole is missing. [more]

From image to concept

From image to concept in lower and middle school

By Stefan Grosse, April 2020

Whereas in lower school an experience of the world is encouraged which is as comprehensive as possible through activity and the development of the mind through living ideas, the focus in middle school lies in thinking about the content and experiences communicated by lessons in an ever larger context of ideas. [more]

From image to concept

Growing concepts. Theory of colour in upper school physics

By Dietmar Kasper, April 2020

It is not just in lower school but also in upper school that the path of knowledge leads from the image to the concept – at first to an abstract one as a law, then to a living one as the reality in changing phenomena. The optics main lesson in class 12 can illustrate how upper school pupils can be led to living concepts. [more]

From image to concept

The image we present

By Andreas Laudert, April 2020

On the poster I pass daily, I see the face of a politician. I don’t see their eyes – I see how they want their eyes to be seen. I don’t see their smile – I see how they want it interpreted. I don’t see the background landscape against which the photo is taken – but that the background sends a message. I feel empathy with the human face that is exposed to everyone’s looks and thus loses its innocence, and that is how I feel – I may well be oversensitive – about all faces in an advertising context, even portraits on CD or book covers. I always see the calculation. Is my perception overwrought – or my reflection? [more]

Publisher's View, From image to concept

Free and democratic

By Henning Kullack-Ublick, April 2020

When our four children caught the measles one after the other over twenty years ago, the local doctor visited us because he had never seen a child with measles “live” before. We are among those fortunate ones whose children all recovered fully and, as we believe to have observed, went through a big developmental step as a result. For that they had to stay in bed for at least four weeks and at home for six.  [more]

Living Teachers, From image to concept

The fear in people’s eyes

April 2020

The former pupil at the Reutlingen Waldorf School, Oscar Schaible (26), works in his spare time with the organisation Sea-Watch which rescues refugees in the Mediterranean and brings them to Europe. In summer 2019, the Sea-Watch 3 skippered by Carola Rackete took 33 refugees to Lampedusa despite being forbidden to enter there. [more]

Waldorf worldwide, From image to concept

The Waldorf school requires a new spiritual impulse

By Gilad Goldshmidt, April 2020

The Waldorf school is 100 years old! We can look back in pride. But we also have to look forward with concern. Pride because we have become a true world movement and because we foster a high-quality education; concern because of the great challenges which lie ahead of us. [more]

Series, From image to concept

A Nordic trio. Walter Liebendörfer, Frans Carlgren and Bengt Ulin

By Nana Göbel, April 2020

In the early 1950s, a number of teachers joined the Kristofferskolan in Stockholm, the first and at that time only Waldorf school in Sweden, and shaped this school for decades. They stood out through their pioneering spirit, humorous earnestness and an inwardly free attitude towards anthroposophy.  [more]