The multicultural society. A challenge for Waldorf education

By Albert Schmelzer, July 2012

Thirty-two pupils are sitting more or less expectantly at their desks, 17 of them have a migrant background. They come from Thailand and Chile, Venezuela, the USA, Belgium, North Africa, Latvia, Syria, Bosnia and Turkey. There are also considerable differences with regard to the socio-economic background of the parents and the cognitive ability of the pupils. Some are in receipt of state benefits while others come from well-off families, there are highly intelligent pupils and others with learning difficulties. [more]

Understanding the foreign through art

By Michael Brater, July 2012

For interculturality to succeed socially and interpersonally, at least three requirements need to have been met: 1. we encounter what is foreign with openness and without prejudice (lack of bias); 2. we are interested in becoming acquainted with the foreigner in the particular and specific features of his or her culture (diversity); 3. we develop a sense of what is universally human behind the cultural differences (universality). [more]

Early childhood

The youngest in the kindergarten: a political football?

By Wolfgang Saßmannshausen, July 2012

Rebekka is two-and-a-half years old. Recently the same battle has started each morning at breakfast: she does not want to eat her slice of bread. Of course she really wants to eat it, because she is hungry. But this ritual of the battle is simply something that is part of the whole process at the moment. [more]

Living Teachers

In search of total freedom. An eurythmist sails around the world with his wife and children

By Mathias Maurer, July 2012

Ben Hadamovsky is an anxious person. That is why he wanted to sail around the world with his family. [more]

Waldorf worldwide

Emergency aid in Nowhere

By Mathias Maurer, July 2012

Kakuma – the word sounds like a hellishly hot spice. Kakuma means Nowhere in Kiswahili and is a refugee camp of more than 100,000 people in north-eastern Kenya. That is where the Friends of Waldorf Education are in deployment. [more]

Waldorf worldwide

Kindergartens in Turkey

By Peter Lang, July 2012

If something in the world is to change for the better, there must be people who feel a personal responsibility for it and place themselves at the service of the task. There are such people in the kindergartens in Turkey. Peter Lang, lecturer and seminar mentor in many countries throughout the world, reports. [more]