The global main lesson

August 2013

For some years now, the science and humanities teachers at the Uhlandshöhe Free Waldorf School in Stuttgart have jointly given a three-week globalisation main lesson in class 12. Interviewed by Erziehungskunst, Christoph Kühl and Elisabeth von Kügelgen report about these hitherto unique lessons on an equal footing. [more]


This is intolerable!

By Mathias Maurer, August 2013

Dear Reader, Recently we were sitting at the table and talking – about school once again. Sarah, class 9, Nicolas, class 5, and I. “This stupid morning verse, why do we still have to say it? ‘I look into the world...’, it’s just embarrassing, like in kindergarten,” Sarah thundered. “Why stupid?”, Nicolas asked, “my teacher told us that we should love all plants and animals. That’s true, isn’t it!” I ask: “Can either of you say the morning verse?” Pause. Then in fragments: “... there lie the stones ..., in light of Sun and Soul ..., O Spirit of God ...” They could not manage it – it is probably something that only works as a group in class. I look on the shelf, pull out the book to take a look: “This is intolerable! We aren’t in school here,” Sarah... [more]