Time to care

September 2016

Families should be the measure of working life and parents should have the time to relax and look after their children. The after-school care centre representatives Astrid Homeyer (Hanover), Lutz Atteln (Mannheim) and Ralf Buchmann (Weimar) speak about the situation of after-school care in the Waldorf school movement. [more]

Are we bad parents?

By Heiko Heybey, September 2016

We “Waldorf people” tend to enjoy the reputation of placing great value on the family and thus not necessarily being in favour of using after-school care. When I went to (Waldorf) school there was indeed no after-school care in our school and even today the majority of Waldorf pupils probably do not attend it.  [more]


Vaccination – yes and no

By Stephanie Sieburg, September 2016

I carried my daughter, then eight months old, in a baby sling. I breast fed her until she was seven months old – exclusively. She is a healthy, happy and sparkling child. Today we have an information meeting about vaccination. I am sitting with my daughter in the waiting room and am nervous. I have a vague feeling of uncertainty. [more]

Living Teachers

A piece of Congo in my pocket

By Michael Benner, September 2016

The former child soldier Junior Nzita Nsuami has become an ambassador against war. [more]


We live in a surveillance society

By Uwe Buermann, September 2016

A thirteen-year-old girl decides to send a naked photo of herself to her boyfriend. In 1970 that would have meant sending a paper photo by post and as long as his mother did not open the letter there would not have been a problem. Today it means that the picture speeds as a package of data invisibly from sender to recipient. And that it travels across a public space, particularly when it goes via the Internet. [more]


Directorate or self-governance

By Roland Schulze-Schilddorf, September 2016

How we can learn to carry responsibility together.  [more]


Keeping up

By Mathias Maurer, September 2016

The boom continues unabated: ever more children are looked after for the whole day. Many Waldorf schools and kindergartens are expanding their provision: from after-school care centres, all-day schools, classes which look after the children when school is finished until their parents arrive, core hours care, “little researchers” groups, forest and nature days and solar workshops to sailing trips. [more]