A journey towards an interest in the world

By Alain Denjean, October 2017

At a time in which political life is dominated by subjects such as borders and separation, defence and protection, there is no great surprise in a current survey according to which the highest priority for young people at the moment is not freedom, riches or being well off but security. [more]

Sailing? Priceless! An economic adventure

By Ben Hadamovsky, October 2017

Ben Hadamovsky is a passionate sailor and is testing a new income concept because he offers his labour free of charge and then waits to see what the voyage is worth to his passengers. [more]

Travel by dictat

By Andreas Laudert, October 2017

Travel is something that can be skipped. It is not an obligation but an inner attitude, a mode which I can cultivate in everyday life as much as on holiday. [more]

Living Teachers

The storyteller of Bersive

By Reta Lüscher-Rieger, October 2017

Hameed Jirdo lives in the Bersive refugee camp in Kurdistan, northern Iraq. He works daily with traumatised children. Reta Lüscher-Rieger and Raphaela Ehmcke from the Friends of Waldorf Education spoke with him. [more]

Waldorf worldwide

Beacon in Asia. Waldorf teachers’ conference in Emeishan/China

By Petra Eimermacher, October 2017

The Asian Waldorf Teachers Conference (AWTC), being held for the seventh time, met in Emeishan/China from 28 April to 5 May 2017, one-and-a-half hours by car from the Chengdu with its millions of inhabitants, surrounded by luscious vegetation and bounded in the west by the mountains of Tibet. [more]