Collective and individual identity

By Albert Schmelzer, September 2018

Finding our own identity is anything but a matter of course today. Contradictions and fractures undermine the longed-for unity and continuity from within. Ideas about what is foreign and foreigners, which turn into regular relationship illusions, create a fake identity through separation. In order to be able to develop a well-founded identity, we need to come to terms with what is foreign within and without ourselves. [more]

Education should awaken abilities. How the Waldorf curriculum enables individual development

By Tobias Richter, September 2018

If the teacher develops a sensitivity which takes account of the “births” of the growing child and, trusting in them, offers them individual spheres of development, the Waldorf curriculum can be read as the enabler of individual development and not as a canonically intended identity product. [more]


Christianity and the Ancient Mysteries: Reflections on Rudolf Steiner’s Christianity as Mystical Fact

By Rosemary
 Usselman, September 2018

In the 1950s and 1960s, Charles Kovacs was a class teacher at the Edinburgh Steiner School. It was his modus
 to write abundant notes in preparation for his lessons and a series of books have been published, compiled from these notes, on the subjects taught in the main lesson at Steiner schools.  [more]


Everywhere a foreigner

By Mathias Maurer, September 2018

The book »Racism Explained to My Daughter« by Tahar Ben Jelloun is required reading in French schools. [more]