Living lessons

The spirit of Christmas

By Catherine Keppel, February 2017

Why A Christmas Carol in class 8? Not only can the pupils identify with the transformation of the misanthrope Scrooge from Charles Dickens’ Christmas Carol into a philanthropist but they can also learn skills which will serve them well into the future. [more]

Living lessons

Who’s the real newcomer? Experiences with a class of lateral entrants

By Axel Rose, January 2017

Those periods when the invisible points which determine the path of our life are reset to indicate a new direction for a person are similar to musical improvisation. The apparent chance encounter or experience often appears, looking back, to follow the inner logic of a person’s destiny. [more]

Living lessons

¡Viva el español!

By Birgit Eschenbaum, Vicky Lucio-Fülöp, Anne Wolf, November 2016

Why Spanish is a valuable addition to the Waldorf curriculum. [more]

Living lessons

Bringing about peace through foreign language learning

By Erhard Hofmann, April 2016

Foreign language teaching – particularly in times of increasing insecurity through “foreign” influences – is of great social policy importance. In the optimum circumstances it can be a form of peace education. [more]

Living lessons

Reflections. Invitation on a journey of discovery in the curriculum of the Waldorf schools

By Christian Boettger, March 2016

The curriculum of the Waldorf schools goes back to suggestions from Rudolf Steiner. In the course of the decades it has been considerably extended and adapted to the current requirements. It is a composition which is attuned to the anthropological and developmental psychological needs of children and young people. Like in a musical score we can identify the developmental arcs, reflections, recapitulations and variations. [more]

Living lessons

Report verses. The most proper form of temptation since the existence of self-knowledge

By Till von Grotthuss, February 2016

Developing passion and enthusiasm for our own and all those other report verses, experiencing a touch of self-knowledge – how this can work and what the report verses should be like is described by Till von Grotthuss, class teacher at the Gröbenzell Rudolf Steiner School. [more]

Living lessons

Zealously at work. Manual crafts communicate elementary laws of physics

By Reinhold Öxler, Ning Huang, October 2015

Manual crafts are the source and a practical application of physics, just as tools are created from applying the laws of physics. Pliers are an example which makes use of the lever principle. [more]

Living lessons

Waldi2go – an experiment in real life

By Sven Saar, May 2015

The Wahlwies class teacher Sven Saar is convinced that we can actually teach twelve-year-old children anything we want: done in the right way and with confidence in their abilities, they will undertake the tasks they are given conscientiously and responsibly – as here in the case of setting up a company. [more]

Living lessons

Digital main lesson books

By Franz Peter Waritsch, January 2015

Technical inventions have always been an enticing and successful business for the Swedes. Matches, ball bearings, Tetra Pak, dynamite, battery operated cardiac pacemakers and computer mice have changed day-to-day life all over the world. Sweden also has the edge when it comes to the field of telecommunications. A new boom came along with the Internet. Fibre-optic cables have been adopted by households everywhere. In 2010, 92 percent of the population made use of the Internet. This development held implications for schools. In Göteborg digital main lesson books have been developed. [more]

Living lessons

Celebrating Africa

By Marcus Kraneburg, August 2013

Geography in class 7 deals with foreign continents. The pupils are 13 years old on average and the time of inner awakening starts. The middle of childhood has been passed. The phase of the greatest absence of any cares which life has prepared for us has come to an end. The curriculum of the Waldorf school takes account of that and seeks to find the correspondence to the inner developmental situation of the child. In geography that means: setting out for new horizons! [more]

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