Living lessons

Classics in class 5. Why a Greek main lesson still makes sense today

By Bero von Schilling, June 2013

Class five pupils live in the transition from mythical and pictorial feeling and thinking to a rational observation of the world and human beings. Both these things can be found in the Greek main lesson. [more]

Living lessons

The world in my hand

By Ute Stockinger-Seitz, June 2012

It is Monday morning. I am standing in the classroom of class three. Silence still reigns. Thirty-six lumps of clay lie ready prepared, one for every child. The pupils stream into the classroom and quickly the space fills with voices. There is laughter and calling, but not everyone appears to be in a good mood. Some look tired or keyed up. [more]

Living lessons

Dancing letters can clear the head

By Matthias Jeuken, January 2012

“What’s eurythmy actually good for?” Waldorf pupils ask in eurythmy lessons. Or: “How can you explain what eurythmy is?” If we succeed in answering such questions in an age-appropriate and clear way, the conversation can strengthen the acceptance and motivation of pupils beyond simply understanding what eurythmy is, and it can thus support the intentions of eurythmy.  [more]

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