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The first volunteer

May 2016

Rasmus Precht was the first volunteer who in 1994 undertook “Alternative Service Abroad” with the Friends of Waldorf Education. Today the Friends are the largest German provider of volunteering services with currently 1,500 participants. [more]

Living Teachers

The absolute freedom of paper and paintbrush

April 2016

A visit to Arno Stern, the inventor of painting play. [more]

Living Teachers

Johannes Matthiessen – artist of the earth. An obituary

By Christof Wiechert, March 2016

Johannes Matthiessen was an artist through and through. He studied architecture, taught art in Waldorf schools, was a visual artist, social artist and an artist of the earth – but above all he was a person who lived and worked with incredible intensity. [more]

Living Teachers

“The method convinced me”

May 2015

Friederike Bönner and Maximilian Buchka are traditionally trained teachers – and devote themselves wholly in their work to the education system established by Rudolf Steiner: Friederike Bönner is director of a Waldorf kindergarten and is at the point of completing a part-time course in early childhood education at Alanus University. The 71-year-old Maximilian Buchka teaches there as professor of special needs and early years education and offers reading courses for the texts of Rudolf Steiner. [more]

Living Teachers

Prison was the turning point

By Mathias Maurer, December 2014

Helmy Abouleish, son of the winner of the Alternative Nobel Prize and SEKEM founder Ibrahim Abouleish, is CEO of the SEKEM group in Egypt with more than 2,000 employees. He was charged with having given preferential treatment to SEKEM firms in allocating EU money and having collaborated with the “old” system of Hosni Mubarak. In order to avoid the arbitrary actions of the court, he obtained his release through a settlement. Nevertheless, in 2011 Abouleish spent a hundred days in the notorious Torah prison in Cairo. There he experienced an unexpected turning point. [more]

Living Teachers

Electric rebel and terracotta soldier

By Holger Grebe, September 2014

Noncompliance, Short Circuit, Sponger or First Mud are the names of the projects with which the action artist and former Waldorf pupil Pablo Wendel irritates – and delights –his audience. Since his appearance in 2006 as one of the 1,000 life-sized “terracotta soldiers” of the first emperor of China in Xi’an, he has also become familiar to a wider public in Germany. Pablo is less well known as an education artist. [more]

Living Teachers

The quiet revolutionary

By Mathias Maurer, February 2014

An encounter with Ute Craemer, the founder of the anthroposophical social initiative “Monte Azul” in São Paulo. [more]

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The freedom of the other cannot be ignored. An interview with Reinhard K. Sprenger

August 2013

Reinhard K. Sprenger is deemed to be the highest profile management expert in Germany. His books Mythos Motivation (The Myth of Motivation), Das Prinzip Selbstverantwortung (The Principle of Personal Responsibility), Aufstand des Individuums (Rebellion of the Individual) and Vertrauen führt (Trust leads) have permanently changed the management ideas of many managers. “Reinhard K. Sprenger writes books counter to the management zeitgeist,” wrote the newspaper Die Zeit. The Financial Times Deutschland described him as the “most sharp-tongued management critic”. His ideas are revolutionary because they are committed to the human being as a free entity. [more]

Living Teachers

A noble commitment. Alheidis Countess von Bothmer

By Henning Kullak-Ublick, July 2013

Alheidis Countess von Bothmer, the third of five children, was born in 1928 as Alheidis von Raven on the Groß Luckow country estate in the region of the Uckermark north-east of Berlin. Until she was sixteen, she spent a happy childhood in the country, with “more time on horseback than on foot”, she recounts. She was born into a famous equestrian family, learnt all about farming from when she was a child and loved her uncomplicated life in and with nature. [more]

Living Teachers

In search of total freedom. An eurythmist sails around the world with his wife and children

By Mathias Maurer, July 2012

Ben Hadamovsky is an anxious person. That is why he wanted to sail around the world with his family. [more]

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