Living Teachers

Built on friendship

By Annette Wild, December 2017

Together with a Roma family, the architect Flavia Matei built a house from clay in barely four months in the Romanian village of Rosia. A very special relationship developed. But Flavia Matei also had to fight against a lot of things: the bad weather, deeply entrenched preconceptions, cultural differences and a strong macho culture. [more]

Living Teachers

The storyteller of Bersive

By Reta Lüscher-Rieger, October 2017

Hameed Jirdo lives in the Bersive refugee camp in Kurdistan, northern Iraq. He works daily with traumatised children. Reta Lüscher-Rieger and Raphaela Ehmcke from the Friends of Waldorf Education spoke with him. [more]

Living Teachers

Mr. Flo and the football

By Cornelie Unger-Leistner, Celia Schönstedt, May 2017

Ex-Waldorf pupil Florian Zech has founded a non-profit social enterprise in South Africa. [more]

Living Teachers

Working on tasks of humanity

By Peter Lang, February 2017

For the 100th birthday of Helmut von Kügelgen. [more]

Living Teachers

Making anthroposophy and Waldorf education academically accessible

January 2017

Interview with Jost Schieren, professor of Waldorf education at Alanus University in Alfter/Bonn. [more]

Living Teachers

A piece of Congo in my pocket

By Michael Benner, September 2016

The former child soldier Junior Nzita Nsuami has become an ambassador against war. [more]

Living Teachers

The first volunteer

May 2016

Rasmus Precht was the first volunteer who in 1994 undertook “Alternative Service Abroad” with the Friends of Waldorf Education. Today the Friends are the largest German provider of volunteering services with currently 1,500 participants. [more]

Living Teachers

The absolute freedom of paper and paintbrush

April 2016

A visit to Arno Stern, the inventor of painting play. [more]

Living Teachers

Johannes Matthiessen – artist of the earth. An obituary

By Christof Wiechert, March 2016

Johannes Matthiessen was an artist through and through. He studied architecture, taught art in Waldorf schools, was a visual artist, social artist and an artist of the earth – but above all he was a person who lived and worked with incredible intensity. [more]

Living Teachers

“The method convinced me”

May 2015

Friederike Bönner and Maximilian Buchka are traditionally trained teachers – and devote themselves wholly in their work to the education system established by Rudolf Steiner: Friederike Bönner is director of a Waldorf kindergarten and is at the point of completing a part-time course in early childhood education at Alanus University. The 71-year-old Maximilian Buchka teaches there as professor of special needs and early years education and offers reading courses for the texts of Rudolf Steiner. [more]

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