Magic of beginning

The magic of the beginning

By Ellen Niemann, November 2020

Parents whose children are starting school this year needed a bit more imagination than usual in recent months when they attempted to picture schooling at a Waldorf school. The thought of the magic of the first day at school did not quite fit with schools covered in direction signs and floor markings. The enveloping atmosphere on entering a Waldorf school gave out a scent of disinfectant rather than wood and wool in recent weeks. [more]

Magic of beginning

From Monte Azul to Erftstadt

By Christina Hermanns, November 2020

When I set foot in the Erftstadt Free Waldorf School about eight years ago, I did not yet know that my life would fundamentally change – after twelve years of secondary school without any contact with Waldorf education and at the beginning of training as a primary school teacher. [more]

Magic of beginning

Untapped freedoms. School experiences from the perspective of teachers and parents

By Stefan Langhammer, November 2020

It is almost twenty-nine years ago that I first stood in front of a Waldorf school class, or at least half of one. Monday afternoon, 2pm, the time of greatest digestive activity, in the pizza box-lined room of class 10. German lesson. [more]

Magic of beginning

Why teachers need parents

By Regine Basfeld, November 2020

The relationship between parents and teachers changes in the course of a child’s time in school. In a certain sense the closeness and distance of the parents to and from the teachers reflect the connection of the parents with their child and also their attempt to exercise some influence. The view of parents of the teachers is shaped by the child who at home talks about what they have done and who lets their parents partake in their experiences at school through their eyes, ears and understanding of events at school. [more]

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Pär Play – learning intuitively and playfully from life

November 2020

Teachers who practice Intuitive Pedagogy know the extent to which it trains the ability to form educational relationships and inner flexibility. The Nuremberg Teacher Training Seminar includes in its training provision a one-week course on Intuitive Pedagogy in the Easter holidays which is also open to colleagues from other Waldorf schools. Course leader Dieter Schwartz, a pupil of Pär Ahlbom and Iris Johansson, explains his approach. [more]

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About coronavirus

By Albrecht Schad, November 2020

The transformation of our lifeworld through human beings and the retroactive effect on humans. [more]