Making good schools better

Courage for quality!

By Stefanie von Laue, July 2022

Working with the quality initiative of the German Association of Waldorf Schools. [more]

Making good schools better

Educational quality development in Waldorf schools

By Klaus-Peter Freitag et al., July 2022

Every child, every young person carries their own experiences and abilities within them and looks for people, places and opportunities to practise, develop, nurture, discover and perfect them. Waldorf education offers itself as a development aid for this. [more]

Making good schools better

Time for media parents' evenings?

By Felicitas Bayer, July 2022

For many years, Waldorf schools have been dealing with the question of what exactly is meant by "media literacy", how it comes about and what can and should be done for it in school. Existing beliefs about the necessary maturity and the real, increasingly everyday use of digital technology for homework and the like are increasingly diverging, leaving room for uncertainty and the uncomfortable need to avoid telling the teacher the truth about actual media consumption at home. [more]

Making good schools better

Solving conflicts with the model of etheric forces

By Karl-Dieter Bodack, July 2022

How do we come together again? [more]