Gender role images today. Children between guidance and confusion

By Mathias Wais, May 2015

How do children find their gender role today? The subject spans a wide arc from Rudolf Steiner’s comments about the nature of the human being – according to which women have a male etheric body and men a female one – to modern gender research which emphasises the socio-psychological, cultural and environmental factors in finding our gender role. Boys find themselves in a particularly difficult position in our society. [more]

Publisher's View

Human places

By Henning Kullak-Ublick, May 2015

“We were born in war and we will probably die in war” – words which have not left me since I heard them in November 2014 from a Waldorf pupil in the Harduf kibbutz in Israel. [more]

Early childhood

“I have swallowed the sun and the moon”

By Werner Kuhfuss, May 2015

A child asks and asks and asks. We think that we have to keep explaining. Why is it that children are not satisfied by this and thus keep on asking? Because they do not want answers but involvement. They want us to be witnesses to what they discover. And only when they experience our real interest in a matter and, above all, affirmation, can they make sense of what they have discovered, incorporate it and let it become part of their life. [more]

Living lessons

Waldi2go – an experiment in real life

By Sven Saar, May 2015

The Wahlwies class teacher Sven Saar is convinced that we can actually teach twelve-year-old children anything we want: done in the right way and with confidence in their abilities, they will undertake the tasks they are given conscientiously and responsibly – as here in the case of setting up a company. [more]

Living Teachers

“The method convinced me”

May 2015

Friederike Bönner and Maximilian Buchka are traditionally trained teachers – and devote themselves wholly in their work to the education system established by Rudolf Steiner: Friederike Bönner is director of a Waldorf kindergarten and is at the point of completing a part-time course in early childhood education at Alanus University. The 71-year-old Maximilian Buchka teaches there as professor of special needs and early years education and offers reading courses for the texts of Rudolf Steiner. [more]


Progressive role

By Mathias Maurer, May 2015

Anyone who has anything to do with children can confirm that girls are different – their demeanour is different, they play quite differently to boys. But is that really an innate way of behaving or is it our pre-emancipated observation which sees these differences? [more]