Work and family? A balancing act

By Christoph Meinecke, May 2016

Angelika Seifert is expecting her first child. She is 34 years old and works successfully as a finance broker with a major bank. Her job is important to her. She has worked in the industry for ten years and has three times moved into a higher and better paid position. Her career opportunities are good. She has been married for three years, although she has been in the relationship for seven. [more]

Fathers being there

By Ulrich Meier, May 2016

How fathers today live with and experience trying to reconcile family and work. [more]

Publisher's View

Waldorf box of tricks

By Henning Kullak-Ublick, May 2016

Maria R. has four children with the eldest one starting school after the summer holidays. She has stopped work to have time for her children. [more]

Living Teachers

The first volunteer

May 2016

Rasmus Precht was the first volunteer who in 1994 undertook “Alternative Service Abroad” with the Friends of Waldorf Education. Today the Friends are the largest German provider of volunteering services with currently 1,500 participants. [more]


What it means to teach eurythmy today

By Wolfgang Leonhardt, May 2016

Eurythmy helps children to unite fully with the earth. The demands this makes of eurythmy are very great, as are the obstacles. Wolfgang Leonhardt, a former school doctor in Pforzheim, argues that eurythmy is an existential necessity and makes a plea to support its teachers. [more]



By Mathias Maurer, May 2016

Now our tiny tots have been deported full-time. Not to another country but to day-care centres, round the clock, and also at weekends. [more]